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Does an Accident Report Have to Be Filled Out at the Time of the Fall?

Nearly everyone must work for a living, and for the most part, the job is fulfilling and provides a good quality of life based on your experience and education. At the same time, you depend on that same job to provide for the needs of yourself and your family. If you have injured on the job, your ability to earn a stable income is immediately compromised and called into question. A common injury for many workers around the Los Angeles area is related to a fall of one sort or another. You need to protect your rights in such a case, so it is common to ask whether or not an accident report needs to be filled out right at the time of the fall itself. Let us look at some factors involved in this below.

Accident Reports Are an Essential Component of Your Claim

It is true that an accident report forms a critical part of your injury claim, no matter how major or minor the fall itself might have been. The best way to do this is to do it as soon after the fall as possible. This is when the details are freshest in your mind, and it is when any possible witness and bystanders are around to provide their input into the report as well. That being said, there are obvious, mitigating circumstances the might prevent you from even being able to think about completing an accident report, not to mention actually doing it.

If you are seriously injured, your first obligation is to your self. The accident report will sort itself out later. Get yourself the medical attention that you need, or ask someone nearby to arrange to have assistance come to the scene of the accident. There are some things that you can do if you are able to talk that will help your case later. You can record your notes about the accident to use when you complete the accident report later. You can also ask someone to begin the process for you. These are all alternatives, but again it is important to note that the law does not stipulate that you must complete the accident report immediately after a fall. Do not stress over this detail if you are even remotely injured.

The Importance of an Accident Report

One might wonder what the importance of an accident report even is if it does not have to fill out right away. While that is a great question, the importance of this one document simply cannot be discounted. The judicial system may understand the need for a daly in filing an accident report if the injuries from the fall are severe, but they will not be so understanding if it is obvious that person that suffered the fall could have easily completed the accident report not long after the incident.

When you go to file an accident report, modern technology is certainly an asset. You will want to compile as many photos and video footage as you can. In fact, this is a way to get others around you involved if you are unable to help yourself due to injury. You can ask bystanders to at least capture some pictures and even videotape the scene if they have a smartphone handy. This will go a long way towards helping your case in the end.

The Importance of a Lawyer

If you have suffered a fall at work, you will want to contact a lawyer. This has nothing to do with you distrusting your employer to take care of your injuries; rather, it has everything to do with ensuring that your legal rights are protected every step of the way. You need to file an accident report as soon as you are able, but you also need to retain legal counsel in order to make sure that you receive the financial compensation that you are entitled to. That is exactly what a lawyer is able to do for you.

If you have suffered an injury at work because of a fall, contact our office in Los Angeles for legal consultation. We will work with you and advise you as to your best course of action moving forward.

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