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6 Questions to Ask Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury of any kind, be it a car accident or dog bite, could leave you shaken, hurt, and confused. You could find yourself seeking the help of a personal injury attorney, but not knowing what to say or ask, which is understandable because of the shock.

However, your first consultation is crucial to the next stages of your claim. To help with your struggle, Here is a list of personal injury attorney questions to ask to help you get the most of this meeting.

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In what areas of law do you specialize?

There are many areas of law in California and the United States. While some lawyers specialize in several areas at the same time, you generally want a personal injury lawyer handling your case. You also want to entrust your case to someone whose primary focus is cases like yours, because this means they are familiar with negotiation tactics and the litigation process.

Can you handle my case?

Once you establish that an attorney specializes in personal injury law, you want to know if they can handle your particular case. Good attorneys know their limits and will usually not take on a case they don’t believe in or are not likely to give the attention it deserves.

What is your assessment of my claim?

It makes sense to assume that because you were not at fault for the accident, your case is cut and dry. However, personal injury claims tend to differ from one another, meaning even the laws that apply to yours may not apply to the next case. An unbiased attorney will inform you of the strength and validity of your case, and how much you can expect financially,

Will my case go to trial?

Although most cases settle out of court, it is possible that yours could go to trial. You want to entrust your claim to an attorney who will do everything to get you a settlement through negotiations but is also prepared to go to court if the need arises. 

What is your experience with personal injury law?

Your attorney’s experience level is crucial to the success of your case. Rather than just focus on the years they have been practicing, ask to see their track record. How many cases have they handled in the past one or two years, and how many did they win?

What is your contingency fee?

By now, you are considering hiring this attorney, which brings you to the cost. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning you only pay if you obtain compensation. However, you should ask your attorney about their fees and the percentage they will take from your settlement.

Talk to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

These personal injury attorney questions to ask serve as a guideline for the conversation you should have with a prospective attorney. They highlight some topics you should not skim over or postpone. Ultimately, however, your conversation with your lawyer will come down to the specifics of your case.

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