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Los Angeles Hotels and Premises Liability Lawsuits 

Accidents and injuries occur because of hazards on various types of premises around Los Angeles. Visitors to the city, whether they are traveling from elsewhere in California or from an entirely different region of the U.S. or another country, can suffer different kinds of injuries at hotels and motels in Los Angeles due to hazards …

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Do Bike Buffer Zones Prevent Bicycle Accidents in Sherman Oaks?

Riding your bike is among the most efficient, affordable ways to get around busy cities in Southern California, but bicycle accidents are a considerable risk in urban areas. More than 160 riders are killed and another 11,000 injured in bike collisions statewide, and California’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports the dangers in Los Angeles …

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Can You Sue the City of Los Angeles for Poor Road Conditions?

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision caused by hazardous or damaged roads, you may be wondering if you can sue a LA for bad roads. Many different types of poor road conditions can result in serious accidents and injuries, such as faded or missing lane markings, potholes, …

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What You Can Expect from a Slip-and-Fall Accident Settlement Amount

Determining the number of damages and the injured victims can expect from a slip-and-fall accident is not an easy task.  The value of the case depends on several factors, including the strength of liability in the case, The nature and the extent of the injury, the permanence of the injury, and the amount of past …

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Confidentiality Agreements and Other Aspects of Personal Injury Settlements

The California statutes dealing with negligence provide that a person who fails to exercise ordinary care, as a result, injures another, is responsible for all injuries and harm caused.  Unfortunately, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that many people breach this legal duty far too often.  Almost 40 million …