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Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyers

Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyers: Protecting an Injured Person’s Rights and Interests

Accidents of different types can result in an array of injuries, including some that may be highly serious. Because of the nature of accidents, a victim of someone else’s negligence needs the help of skilled legal counsel.

Each year, hundreds of people are injured in and around Buena Park because of the negligence of a third party. The American Bar Association maintains statistics about how and why an injured person benefits from the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The bottom line is that time and again, an injured person with legal representation obtains a solid settlement in a personal injury case. An injured person not represented by a personal injury lawyer is likely to obtain a more meager settlement. In addition, a person without a lawyer runs the risk of having a claim or lawsuit tossed out all together with no award of compensation.

Common Types of Personal Injury Case in Buena Park

Buena Park personal injury attorneys are called upon to address a fairly broad spectrum of different types of personal injury cases. Car accident cases are among the most commonplace of accident cases in which Buena Park personal injury lawyers represent clients.

Car accident cases can prove to be quite complex legal matters. One major issue confronted in this type of case is proving that someone is negligent. In addition, it is incumbent upon a personal injury lawyer to demonstrate that his or her client is not also negligent in causing an accident. If the client bears some negligence in causing an accident, an attorney with experience knows what tactics to take to minimize the impact any negligence that might be attributable to his or her client.

Slip and fall cases represent another category of accidents in which injured people can well benefit from the assistance of Buena Park personal injury lawyers. Like car accident cases, slip and fall cases can prove to be more complicated than an injured person might ever imagine.

Slip and fall cases typically are based on what is known as a legal theory called premises liability. Premises liability is the doctrine that renders the occupier of premises to keep the property in a reasonable safe condition. The failure to do so can cause the occupier of the property to be exposed to liability for injuries and losses sustained by a person injured because of a hazard on the premises.

One key issue a attorney is invaluable at pursuing is determining who actually occupies the premises for the purposes of liability. For example, if a store owner rents property in which a customer is injured, that store own may have liability. However, the property owner may as well depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the hazard that caused the accident. A skilled lawyer can bring other third parties into the case to ensure that the injured person obtains necessary compensation for his or her injured and losses.

Other Common Types of Injury Accidents

The reality is that a list of types of injury accident truly would be endless. Nonetheless, there are some other more common types of injury accidents that Buena Park personal injury lawyers are called upon to represent clients. These include:

  • defective products
  • contaminated food products
  • dangerous objects
  • bodily contact

Retaining Legal Representation

If an injured person is in need of legal representation, he or she should be proactive in seeking out Buena Park personal injury lawyers, like those on the legal team at El Dabe Law Firm. An attorney from the El Dabe Law Firm will schedule an initial consultation at the convenience of a person who has been injured in some type of accident caused by another individual’s negligence. There is no fee assessed for an initial consultation with an attorney at the El Dabe Law Firm.

During an initial consultation, an injured person learns more about how an attorney can help a client in a personal injury case. This includes a discussion of strategies and tactics as well as an overall evaluation of the facts and circumstances of the case itself. An injured person’s questions are also answered during the course of an initial consultation between a lawyer from the El Dabe Law Firm and a prospective client.

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