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The El Dabe Law Firm: Monterey Park Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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The El Dabe Law Firm undertakes legal representation of accident victims, including people harmed as a result of motorcycle or bicycle accidents. We work within the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. We care about the Monterey Park community, and respond to accident victims injured here.

Even though Monterey Park encompasses a comparatively tiny area on the map, thousands of people reside in this location. In fact, some of the busiest, most congested freeways in Southern California cross this community. If you’ve ever traveled along Garfield Boulevard at rush hour, or tried to navigate through a detour while construction workers complete new projects on the San Bernardino Freeway, you’ll appreciate the challenges motorcyclists sometimes face in Monterey Park!

An All-Too-Frequent Accident Scenario

Motor vehicles and motorcycles occasionally collide along Southern California highways with tragic results. Even bikers wearing helmets and other protective gear may sustain severe injuries when these types of accidents occur. The force of a car striking a motorcycle or bicycle even at a modest speed may send the cyclist careening into the air, to land with a hard impact upon an unforgiving asphalt surface.

This all-too-common accident scenario accounts for many grave injuries. From lacerations and broken bones, to head wounds, spinal cord damage and permanent life-altering disabilities, the toll of car and motorcycle collisions remains painfully high. If you’ve suffered an injury in this type of accident, it may prove reassuring to know that some law firms possess extensive experience evaluating and pursuing cases on behalf of accident victims!

Bike And Pedestrian Accidents

Another recurring scenario in terms of biking accidents involves situations in which motorcyclists or bicyclists collide with people on foot. For instance, a cyclist may attempt to weave impatiently through traffic to cross an intersection ahead of a group of cars, only to discover that someone on foot has already begun moving across the cross-walk.

Similarly, bicyclists will sometimes dart across parking lots or unpaved surfaces adjoining roads, only to discover pedestrians crossing unexpectedly in front of them in these locations. A collision between a person on foot and a bicycle or motorcycle may prove hazardous for both the cyclist and the pedestrian.

Recovering For Injuries

What types of damages do people sustain in these situations? Although the facts of every case remain unique and legal cases vary, in the past some victims of accidents involving motorcycles or bicycles have sought recovery for these types of harm:

  • Wrongful Death;
  • Property Losses;
  • Medical And Hospital Bills;
  • Lost Wages;
  • Pain And Suffering;
  • Temporary Or Permanent Disability;
  • Physical Therapy Bills.

When you suffer an injury as a result of an accident involving a bike (either a motorcycle or a bicycle), it often proves very helpful to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. When you describe your accident, the attorney may identify potential legal issues involved in the case.

The Ticking Clock

Many accident victims fail to appreciate rigid time deadlines apply for filing most legal actions. For instance, if you sustain an injury as a result of involvement in a biking accident, you typically cannot expect to recover for the damage you suffered decades after the event. Most accident victims should seek to pursue claims arising from their injuries at the earliest possible point in time, in fact.

A type of law called a “statute of limitation” specifies the period of time available for a plaintiff to bring a lawsuit involving a cause of action, such as suit alleging negligence or wrongful death. These provisions apply in most jurisdictions in the USA, including California and all federal courts. Act in a timely manner to learn about legal issues impacting your situation if you contemplate seeking recovery for injuries sustained in a bicycle or motorcycle accident!

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The El Dabe Law Firm accepts some motorcycle and bicycle accident cases. We typically represent accident victims.

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