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Hemet Personal Injury Lawyers

Claiming compensation after a car crash is your right if there is someone to blame for it. You or someone close may have been in a vehicle accident that you believe to be the consequence of negligence. It is your right to hold such an individual responsible for the crash. In other instances, an accident may be the result of a defective vehicle or unsafe driving conditions. For example, if the road you were using had defects, then that too amounts to negligence. It is clear that making a car accident claim may get very complicated. Personal Injury lawyers are legal practitioners with specialized expertise in handling these types of lawsuits. It is the kind of skill that may help you make head or tails of what goes on in a car accident claim in Hemet, California.

How Can a Lawyer Help

Have you been in a vehicle accident in Hemet? Well, getting a lawyer to walk with you through the journey of claiming compensation offers some plus points. For one, this is a time when your emotions are all over the place. Depending on the degree of the injuries, you may not be physically able to do anything. Making decisions in such a state can land you in trouble, and you can’t afford missteps when handling a car accident claim. With a Hemet personal injury lawyer holding your hand, you can count on a clear mind when making the tough calls.

When filing a personal injury claim, you have to adhere to the statute of limitations. Failure to do this means that the courts may refuse to hear your case. In California, you have a time limit of two years for a personal injury case and three for a property damage case. If the case is against a government agency, for example, if you were rear-ended by a city bus, then you must file it in six months. Sticking to these limits can be difficult, especially considering all the procedures and investigations necessary. A lawyer who is committed to your case will make a claim in good time.

California operates under shared fault laws and applies the pure comparative negligence rule if you share any part of the blame for an accident. How this plays out is that when getting a settlement, it will be less your percentage of fault. For instance, if another motorist was speeding when they hit but you also happened to be switching lanes incorrectly, it may be concluded that you have a 20% fault in the accident. Any compensation you get will be less the 20%. A personal injury attorney will assess your case and evaluate if you hold any blame.

Why Us

Our Hemet car accident lawyers have been doing this for a long time and have dealt with different types of personal injury cases. What we do is carefully explain the process to you and keep you up to date every step of the way. Anything can happen in a compensation claim, so we do everything to prepare for it. We work with excellent teams of investigators and other experts whose input is invaluable in such cases. By putting our best resources on your case, we increase the chances of a successful claim.

Dealing with insurance companies is no doubt a most taxing and time-consuming task. Insurers have a reputation of using tricky tactics to get claimants to settle. You can expect lowball offers that are too hurried for you even to consider properly. Luckily, with our Hemet personal injury attorneys, you won’t have to go through all that. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who work for your interest to get you a fair and just settlement.

The scope of the injuries resulting from a car crash will determine the level of compensation. Through proper medical tests, a lawyer will establish how bad the situation is. Spinal and head injuries are some of the most severe and warrant the substantial compensations. An insurance company will only try to pay the bare minimum. The objective of a lawyer is to ensure that the medical care you receive is what is necessary for your injuries.

At El Dabe Law Firm, we strive to ensure that your car accident claim does not inconvenience you more than it has to.

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