What We Learn from Distracted Driving Stories

Distracted driving stories that will make you think twice before taking your eyes off the road while driving. Texting and driving have made many people face near-death situations and are alive today because they were lucky.

Amanda Clerk was driving home from college in her Chevrolet Trailblazer while having a conversation with her parents on the phone when suddenly the vehicle started rolling and came to a standstill on its roof. She is one of the lucky ones. Authorities said that the car rolled three times, and she had run a stop sign and got broadsided by another car. The metal had curved in around her, which is what saved her life. The roof remained intact, and she only got bruises and scrapes.

Later, Amanda wrote that she hated the feeling of dying without letting her family know how much she loved them.

“I believe some things occur for a reason, and my car accident was a warning to me and a wake-up call to everyone that we should be mindful about what we do while driving. My phone conversation nearly cost me my life and put me in great danger of sustaining lifelong injuries. “

Later after getting out of the hospital and taken home by her parents, she pledged never to use her phone while driving.

“I believe it was a wake-up call for her and she is not stupid enough to make the same mistake again.” Said Amanda’s mother, Spray Clare. “We only talked on the phone for a short time when I heard a loud bang and her screams, she was in trouble. Her full recovery is a blessing for us, and we are not taking it for granted. “

People shouldn’t take survival of near-death experiences, or distracted driving cases as a form of invincibility just because the person survived. Luck never strikes more than once. The next time may be your last. Therefore, pay attention to the road while driving and never use your phone. It is one of the greatest causes of distractions.

In this particular case, first responders took 40 minutes to get Amanda out of that car, and by that time, she was barely breathing. Many have not been that lucky.

For instance, Derrick was involved in a head-on collision when his car veered off the road. Authorities found him still holding his phone with a half typed message that was supposedly going to his girlfriend. The car was crumpled and too damaged that they had to cut him out. 

The first responders, in this case, found him dead, and the medical examiner said he had died 20 minutes before the first responders arrived. Derrick was unlucky, and his phone cost him his life.

What Lessons Do We Learn?

It’s better to be patient and get to your destination first rather than putting your life and the lives of other road users at risk. Derrick caused the death of another driver and lost his life in the process because he was impatient to get to his destination first.

  • Drivers are encouraged to observe traffic rules and best practices.
  • Don’t receive phone calls while driving.
  • If you must use your phone, stop the vehicle on the roadside and receive the phone call if it’s urgent before continuing with your journey.
  • Make responsible choices.
  • Contact a reliable lawyer to help you with your distracted driving case

Keep your eyes fixed on the road and never read phone messages while driving. Use your driving lessons to help keep you alive and protect other road users as well.