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What to Do If You Witness a Fender Bender?

Los Angeles is a city of drivers and sooner or later you will see a car accident. Whether driving your own vehicle or as a passenger on the street, you can bear witness to a fender bender. Regardless of how you witness a minor car accident, a cool and calm response is required. Medical assistance is paramount. Los Angeles Car Accident attorneys may also be helpful down the line. The following are some things you can do to help others while you await professional emergency responders to arrive:

Safety First

The answer to “what to do if you witness a fender bender?” can be summed up as, “ensure safety.” If you are driving behind the vehicles that are involved in a fender bender, pull over at a safe distance. It is recommended that you drive at least 100 feet from the accident and put on your hazard lights. You should only exit the car if it is safe. If you are on foot, you should keep a safe distance from the accident scene at first. The reason for safety is that there could be broken glass, fuel leaks or smoke which may do you some harm.

Call for Help

You should call for assistance before attempting to help the accident victims yourself. You should make the call regardless of the severity of the accident. Remember every second is precious in an emergency situation so never assume that someone else has called for help. Be the one to do it. Calmly describe the accident scene, the location, number of people involved among other important details.

Cautiously Offer Help

If it is safe to approach the scene of the accident and there are people in dire need of assistance, you should carefully approach the vehicle and help. Help can be offered in a variety of ways. You can set up roadblocks and flares so other drivers veer away from the accident scene. You could also just offer encouragement to the accident victims. Unless the car is on fire, you should not move any of the accident victims. Moving someone injured in a car accident might end up exacerbating their injuries. Avoiding any confrontations between the victims of the car accident could also be an act of assistance.

Stabilize the Vehicles

Most fender benders do not result in serious injuries. Therefore, you can help the victims of the accident move their vehicles so that the accident does not impact other drivers on the road. Setting up an accident zone is also a great move in this respect.

Wait for Emergency Responders

You should wait at the scene of the accident until help arrives. Giving a witness account of the accident will be crucial in justice being served to those responsible and those that aren’t. Your presence could also be vital to helping those affected by the accident. Give facts when asked to make a report and avoid any bias. Your statements should be factual, honest and consistent.

When it comes to what to do when you witness a fender bender, being calm and staying safe are the main priorities. Helping the victims is also important. If there are any claims resulting from the accident, Los Angeles car accident attorneys will be of substantial help. So call the law offices of El Dabe and Ritter today and get a consultation.