What Should You Do After A Fall?

No matter how careful we are, an accident can happen to anyone at any time. Some accidents occur due to negligence from another party. Premises liability may entitle you to compensation to cover any number of damages, including lost wages, medical experience, and pain and suffering.

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1. Seek medical attention

You cannot know the extent of an injury without an evaluation from a trained medical practitioner. The first thing you should do after sustaining an injury from an accident should be to seek medical attention. Medical professionals can also help you document everything regarding your injury and medical expenses, which can be useful when filing for compensation or proving damages in court.

2. Report the accident

After you’ve taken care of your wellbeing, the next step should be to report the case to the relevant authorities. Relevant authorities could be a manager, landlord, or the owner of that property. This report should also be in writing, and you should ensure you and the owner receive a copy. Every detail should be included inside of that written report, however, you should avoid speaking with the owners, manager, or landlord about liability. 

3. Document everything

If anyone witnessed the accident, get their phone numbers, email addresses, names, and addresses. Witnesses can help you build a solid case and reinforce your claim. Take pictures of your injuries as well as the location of the accident to prove the cause of your injury. The court requires the plaintiff to prove the defendant’s negligence during an accident.

Proving negligence

In court, you are required to show that another party did not reasonably act to eliminate any potential danger that may have directly caused the accident. The court will determine whether:

  •       The obstacle or hazardous condition was there long enough for the defendant to have been reasonably aware of its presence and to remove it before it caused an injury
  •       There were measures the defendant could have taken to limit the impact the potential hazard could have on visitors
  •       There was enough lighting to provide adequate visibility and prevent injuries
  •       The owner had put a routine check policy in place to spot and remove potential hazards on the premises

When you sustain an injury during an accident on private property,  you are required to prove that you did not play a part in the accident. Your compensation could be affected if the accident is partially or entirely your fault.

4. Work with an attorney

Experts recommend that you contact an attorney immediately after sustaining an injury in an accident. You need an experienced professional to work alongside you to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers will collect evidence, interview potential witnesses, and see your case through to a successful end.

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