What is a Fender Bender?

A fender bender is a minor accident where the vehicles involved suffer minimal damage. If you drive your car lightly into another vehicle’s rear, then the fender might bend or get damaged. Although it is a minor collision, people may get injured and the vehicles will require repairs and a claim is inevitable.

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What to do After a Fender-Bender Accident?

After any accident, there is a series of steps you can take to ensure your rights are protected during the claims process. These steps include:

Exchange Vital Information

Although you may want to apologize to the other driver, do not rush to say sorry as this can be interpreted to be an admission of fault. Instead, enquire if they are okay. Exchange your contact details, including policy numbers and insurance company’s name. Any information is vital when filing a claim.

Take Photos of the Scene

Besides exchanging information, you will need to take photos of the accident scene. The photos should show the positions of the cars, any damage to your car and the other car, including the license plates. Take enough pictures since your insurer may need details you did not even consider necessary. In case an eye witness is present, take their contact information.

Contact Your Insurer

The majority of the fender bender accidents result in minor bends on the fender or the bumper. Most people tend to ignore such accidents and may fail to file for compensation from their insurer more so if the deductible amount is high. However, this is necessary since your insurance company will advise you of the required actions to take.

Call the Police

You will need to call the police besides informing your insurer in a fender bender accident. Get a copy of the police report indicating the at-fault driver. In the event the other driver claims you were at fault, the report may absolve you from their claim. Keep in mind that the law requires you to report to the police immediately an accident occurs.

Unsuitable Fender Bender Claims

If you suffer a serious car accident, you will certainly opt to have your insurer cover the cost of the damage; the repair costs will likely exceed your deductible on the policy. Filing many claims through your insurer may cause your premium rates to rise. There are some conditions and situations when you may want to cover the repair cost yourself.

The first condition is where the damage cost is less or close to your deductible cost. Also, if the mishap is self-involving, it may be best not to file a fender bender claim. Finally, if you have already filed many claims, ou may need to cover the cost of a fender bender to prevent the rate of your premium from soaring.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Car accident claim negotiation is between a claimant’s lawyer and the insurer. The majority of insurance companies are profit-driven and will try to pay the least in compensation. This is why it is vital to hire the services of a competent fender bender attorney.

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