The Role of Family Members and Friends in a Brain Injury Victim’s Life after a Car Accident in Los Angeles

Being a family member or close friend of a person who suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the result of a car accident can be a devastating experience. As your loved one recovers, you may have many questions about your role in the victim’s life. Our car accident lawyer in Los Angeles has put together the following tips for supporting a TBI victim after a crash. For assistance in building an accident claim and recovering compensation, call our law firm for a free consultation today.

Tips for Families, Caregivers, and Close Friends at Various Stages of the Recovery Process

Knowing exactly what to do and how you can help after a loved one suffers a TBI is challenging, and the entire experience can be devastating. The Brain Injury Association of America has published a comprehensive guide that provides advice for families, caregivers, and close friends at various stages of the recovery process. Some of this advice includes:


  • In the immediate aftermath… In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may be feeling panicked and anxious. While it can be hard to do, limiting visitation rather than keeping constant vigil is more helpful for hospital staff, allowing staff to carry out critical functions without interruption. This is a good time to decide which amongst you should be responsible for talking to the doctor, getting daily updates from nurses, etc. It is also a good time to assign a person responsible for talking to police and filing an accident report, hiring a lawyer, and handling the insurance claim.
  • During recovery… At later points in the recovery stage, you can be helpful by asking your loved one’s doctor and physical therapist to guide you through treatment and exercises so that you can provide guidance to your loved one at home. Because living with a brain injury can be confusing and emotional for the victim, you can help by keeping things organized at home, exercising patience, and working with a specialist to implement a home-based behavioral plan. This plan might include establishing a daily routine/structure, role-playing skills, and more.
  • Reentering the professional world… If your loved one recovers to the point of being able to return to work, you can help by accompanying the individual to their workplace and providing essential information to the employer about limitations, behavior deficits, and appropriate training as suggested by a professional.
  • Throughout the claims process… It can be difficult to think about while a TBI victim is recovering but filing a car accident claim as soon as possible after an accident is critical. If your family member is unable to do this themselves due to severe injuries, you may consider meeting with a lawyer to discuss the claim. The lawyer will guide you through other roles that you may need to take on.


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