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Temecula Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Temecula Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The vast majority of motorcycle/bicycle accidents are caused by negligence. This is when the driver of a vehicle drove in a manner that prevented your safety on the road. The laws of driving are designed not to infuriate drivers or make them late, but to keep them safe. When drivers obey the law on the road, other drivers are safe. By obeying posted speed limits, road rules, and always being aware, your chances of injury on a motorcycle or bicycle are significantly reduced. It’s easy to drive safely when everyone obeys the law, but not everyone remembers to follow the rules.

Types of Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents

Temecula Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers see it all in terms of types of accidents. From drivers unable to control their vehicles due to a malfunction to drivers who are distracted by crying babies or something going on in traffic, accidents happen. They’re preventable, but most people don’t realize that until it’s too late. Unfortunately, motorcyclists and bicycle riders are at greater risk for being involved in this type of accident. These vessels are small and not always easy to spot. Drivers who cause motorcycle and bicycle accidents often state they simply did not see the bike or the person on it.

Some of the most common motorcycle accidents involve cars pulling out in front of or changing lanes without realizing there is a bike or motorcycle near them. This happens for many reasons.

  • The driver swerved suddenly
  • The driver didn’t see the bike
  • The driver was distracted
  • The driver was under the influence
  • The driver was on the phone texting or talking
  • The driver was speeding
  • The driver didn’t stop at a red light or stop sign

Anything can happen at any time, but the devastation following a motorcycle or bicycle accident is our main focus. At El Dabe Law Firm, the primary focus of attorneys is to determine whether or not the victims of these accidents are entitled to greater compensation than the insurance company is offering following the accident.

Why Hire an Attorney

Victims of motorcycle/bicycle accidents hire attorneys from El Dabe Law Firm for various reasons. For the most part, however, it’s because victims are unaware of their rights. The law is all-encompassing and not always easy to understand, and it leaves people unfamiliar with it feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Since you were just involved in a devastating accident, the idea of handling the insurance companies, other drivers, and potential lawsuits at hand are often too much for you to bear. That’s why you come to El Dabe Law Firm.

Not only do the attorneys at El Dabe know the rules of the road, they also know your rights. They know that someone else’s negligence on the road caused your accident, and you are entitled to additional compensation. You might not realize that your medical bills have the potential to grow significantly in the weeks and months following your accident, but we’ve seen it happen more than once.

What Are You Entitled To?

You are entitled to compensation to cover the cost of your injuries following an accident. If someone else is to blame for the accident, you are entitled to compensation from them or their insurance company. What’s covered is a bit more complicated. Any medical bills you incur as a result of injuries sustained in an accident are covered. Those bills are likely piling up from day one, and they could continue to do so depending on the severity of your injuries.

Any rehabilitation, physical therapy, or continuous medical coverage including prescription drugs is included in consideration for additional compensation. If you suffer damages that exceed the physical, you could be entitled to compensation to cover those, too. This might include any pain and suffering you are caused, such as the loss of your job or the inability to work from this point forward. It includes the money you lost being unable to work, and even the cost of therapy you might need to handle the emotional stress this accident caused.

If someone you love was killed in a motorcycle/bicycle accident, you are entitled to compensation to cover the cost of the funeral and the loss of his or her wages. You may be entitled to compensation you’ve yet to uncover, which is why we recommend hiring an attorney at El Dabe.

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