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South Gate Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle or bicycle riders in South Gate know that riding a bike can be dangerous. That’s why they wear safety gear and operate the bike in a manner that ensures they’re as safe and secure as possible.

Unfortunately, riders cannot anticipate or control drivers of cars and trucks on the roads. When involved in an accident, bike riders will see some serious injuries like broken bones, head injuries or road rash. Many motorcycle or bike accidents can result in serious, life-altering injuries or death while the driver of the car or truck can walk away without a scratch.

Our firm in South Gate can help you receive compensation for your injuries as well as any lost wages, emotional distress and medical costs.

Misconceptions About Bikers

The average person often believes that motorcyclists are bikers who don’t wear their helmets and drive recklessly on the roads. They often drive better than a person behind the wheel of a vehicle, but they are victims of a stereotype. If a case goes to trial, the insurance company could try to paint the injured rider in a negative light. When the jury doesn’t like a plaintiff, the injured person will have a harder time receiving the compensation they deserve.

Our firm will work hard to ensure that a case that reaches the trial stage will show that the other party was responsible, and we won’t allow the insurance company’s lawyers to sway the jury with statements that are not true. We understand the kind of tactics the opposing counsel will try to win the case, and we will have the right countermeasures in place to ensure they don’t influence the jury negatively. Not every case will go to trial, but we’ll be ready if it does.

Distribution of Fault

To avoid giving you the compensation you deserve, the insurance company will try to claim that it was at least partially your fault for the accident. This often goes back to the bias people have against motorcyclists and bicyclists. The insurance company might even believe that their client isn’t at fault.

With your help, the attorney will take the evidence you’ve given them like witness names and the story you’ve presented and investigate the accident. The South Gate attorney might hire their own accident investigators or specialists in accident reconstruction. We’ll also help you find the parties that are directly responsible for your accident. In some cases, one driver might have forced you into the path of another car. The first driver could be at fault in the accident, not the one who hit you. We’ll be able to reconstruct the accident and bring a case against the responsible person.

When to Hire a South Gate Attorney

Most of the time, you should hire an attorney immediately after an accident. If you’ve been injured and know the responsibility lies with the other driver, that’s when you should hire a lawyer.

In some cases, a rider might have swerved because of speed and hit a tree. That would be completely the rider’s fault and wouldn’t require the services of an attorney. If the accident was due to faulty roads or signs that were confusing, an attorney might be able to help your case.

You should never wait too long to hire an attorney for your case. Many people believe that they have to wait until they’ve seen doctors, had tests or received physical therapy to contact a lawyer. In fact, you can contact a law firm specializing in motorcycle or bicycle accidents immediately after an accident. The attorney will file paperwork and contact the insurance company for you. There’s a statute of limitations to consider for an accident too. You can’t wait too long to file a claim.

Make sure you’re hiring a South Gate attorney who specializes in your specific circumstances. We have experience handling motorcycle and bicycle accidents, and can help you with your case.

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