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FAQ: How Soon Must I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit Before I Forever Lose The Right To Do So?

Not every car accident is worth a lawsuit. However, sometimes it’s worth exactly that. In most cases, you’ll find minor car repairs, replacement, and medical bills are covered without issue. If you don’t lose work, wages, or experience exceptional financial burdens due to specific medical issues, there’s no real point in suing someone for causing an accident. If your accident resulted in a terrible injury that keeps you out of work and causes you to lose wages, that requires life-long medical care, or that has medical bills exceeding $10,000, you will want to file a lawsuit. The reason is most insurance policies only pay medical bills up to $10,000, leaving anything more than that to you. If you cannot afford that, need medical care for life or your entire life was changed because of an accident someone else caused, a lawsuit is necessary.

Statute of Limitations

We’re a California-based law firm, but we handle clients who are involved in accidents all over the country. You might live here but were involved in an accident in another state, and we will work to prove your case and win damages. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you precisely how long you have to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver of your accident without knowing what kind of accident it was and where it happened. The law varies by state, and it’s not always easy to tell you how long you have. You might have a year in some states and two years in another.

Filing A Lawsuit

The best thing you can do if you are involved in any car accident is seek medical attention right away. Most people don’t realize they have a lawsuit for several weeks or months when their internal injuries begin to cause problems. If you don’t seek medical care from the start, it’s often difficult to find out you have them until much later. Then you have to prove they were caused by the accident, and you might just find out they’ve progressed so much and so badly you’ll either never recover or need ample medical care for the rest of your life. This means you’re now responsible for paying those medical bills. The injury was caused by someone else, but that doesn’t mean anything this late in the game unless you can prove it and still file your case before the statute of limitations passes.

If you want to be sure you are all right, see the doctor right away. This can cause you to avoid long-lasting injuries that only get worse before they get better. Care is less expensive right away because it’s usually easier to provide. It also provides you with a good idea of how much damage was really caused and what you might be looking at in terms of medical care.

If you plan on filing a lawsuit, it’s best to get started right away. It’s easier to win a case when the evidence is still fresh and the events aren’t yet forgotten. Our team of attorneys works to take the evidence, the police report, photos, and other facets of your accident to prove you were harmed by another driver due to their own negligence. When we can prove this, we can make your life much easier. We prove your case, which allows us to win for damages. Those can include anything from lost wages to medical bills to the loss of your income because your job is no longer something you can do. If you need lifelong medical care because of your injuries, we can help you win that, too. You have the right to compensation when someone else causes you harm.

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