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Santee Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

What to Do after Being Injured in a Bicycle Accident

Generally, a bicycle accident can be more complex than an automobile accident. This is in large part due to major questions about the right-of way. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your potential case with a Santee motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Perhaps you do not believe your injuries are serious. The driver who struck you might seem friendly enough that there is no need to involve a law firm. However, because insurance companies refuse to compensate victims who are ether partially or fully at-fault, you want a lawyer by your side from the beginning.

What you choose to do immediately following a collision with a motorist can have a huge impact on how much you can recover for your injuries and bike damage. The outcome of any lawsuits that result from the accident can also be affected.

When to Call a Santee Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Do not be surprised when you receive a call from the driver’s insurance company within hours or a few days after the accident. Insurance adjusters want to make a quick settlement for an amount that is too small to cover your losses. Of course, they hope that you are just as eager to settle and will think they are doing you a favor.

Just remember that their primary goal is not to help you, but rather, to convince you to accept the lowest amount possible. Their display of sincerity and compassion is just another way of doing business.

Therefore, it is very important that you contact a bicycle accident lawyer immediately following the crash. Details of the accident are still fresh in your memory, so you will be able to give the lawyer pertinent information to bolster your side of the event. Additionally, your Santee bicycle accident lawyer will give you instructions and guidance on how to deal with the insurance company.

Get Medical Attention, Even for Minor Injuries

Even if you do not believe your injuries are serious, it is still important to get checked out by a doctor after the crash. Feeling “okay” initially following getting struck by car is not unusual. Sometimes, muscle strains, small fractures and other injuries are not visible until hours – or days – after the injury occurs.

It is natural for your adrenaline to skyrocket when you get struck by a car. Any pain your body experiences in that moment is unnoticeable. At a minimum, visit your family doctor so she can check for signs of a minor concussion. Make sure any injuries are documented in writing and with pictures.

Call and wait for the police to arrive at the scene so you can file a police report. If you leave the scene without a police report, you might not be able to identify who was driving the car that hit you. Another advantage to waiting is the police might ticket the driver for some type of road violation.

This could prove extremely useful in settling your case with the insurance company when switching fault to you becomes more difficult when the police reports the driver was to blame.

Make Sure Your Version is Included in the Accident Report

It is not unusual for the police to take the driver’s statement and never talk to you. Be respectful, but do everything you can to make sure your side of the story is part of the report. This includes your minor injuries that could become more serious.

If the police refuses to include a statement from you in the crash report, you can have the report amended. You will want to write down everything you remember as soon as possible.

Seek the Wise Counsel of Santee Motorcycle/Bicycle Accident Lawyers

In some cases, a letter from the lawyer representing the cyclist is enough to resolve the claim for the maximum amount. Most cases are settled this way without ever going to trial. However, cases that are brought before the court should be handled properly.

This will require retaining wise legal counsel from an experienced law firm. El Dabe Law Firm does not expect more or less than the compensation you deserve. This is what we fight for and do everything in our power to help you win.

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