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San Marcos Auto Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might wonder what an attorney can do to help. Often, they can do more than you when it comes to a case against another party. They have years of experience in personal injury as well as car accident claims. A lawyer can do the following to ensure that you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Obtain Evidence

When you are trying to prove the other party is responsible for your accident, you’ll need evidence. There must be evidence to back up your claims. This evidence will come from a variety of sources like the police, witnesses and photographs of the scene. In some cases, your lawyer might have to hire an investigator.

One of the hardest parts of a personal injury claim is getting the doctor’s office to respond to your requests. Small offices might not have the staff to respond to medical requests in a timely manner, and hospitals have procedures for requesting records. If they’re not done correctly, requests can fall by the wayside. Your lawyer will be able to cut through those hassles.

The attorney will also review the medical reports to find out whether the doctors put a prognosis or disability in their notes. Without this, it can be hard for a lawyer to prove a personal injury claim, but the lawyer will know to send a letter to the doctor requesting the information separately.

Talk with Lien Holders on Your Behalf

If you’re receiving benefits from another source like disability or worker’s compensation insurance, that insurer could have a lien that would entitle them to take money from your settlement.

When negotiating with the lien holder, the lawyer may be able to reduce the amount that the insurer takes from the proceeds of the settlement. If the lawyer successfully negotiates for a lower amount, that money will end up in your wallet. It’s vital that you find a lawyer who will be able to negotiate for you.

Negotiate the Settlement Amount

When you’re making a claim for injuries, you’re not only getting medical compensation for bills, you’re also trying to get money for being out of work and for a long-term disability. This can also be complicated by other factors like whether you were employed at the time. In some instances, a victim might have been hired for a new position they hadn’t started yet. The attorney will be able to negotiate on their client’s behalf in situations that are not straightforward.

Other times, damages might not be easy to calculate. Pain and suffering is a concept that is hard to pinpoint. There’s no exact way to figure the amount of the damages. If the case goes to trial, it depends on the nature as well as the extent of the injuries sustained. It also depends on other factors like whether the jury likes you or whether you have a previous criminal record.

A San Marcos car accident lawyer will work with you every step of the way during your case. They’ll work to receive a fair offer, talk to you about the offer and even make a counter offer if they believe the amount isn’t what you should receive. While you want a good amount of money, you can’t expect to become rich through your settlement amount. It’s meant to make you whole as if the accident didn’t happen. That’s not always possible, so it’s also meant to make up for long-term disabilities and provide compensation if you’re unable to work.

There’s a lot that an experienced attorney can do on your behalf after a car accident. You’ll need to contact a San Marcos car accident lawyer to ensure that you’re starting out with terrific representation. You don’t want to make the wrong moves after a car accident when you’ve received serious injuries.

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