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Release of Liability Form Car Accident in Los Angeles

A release of liability form for a car accident is a legal document that has two signees: the releaser and recipient. The document generally transfers any liabilities which come up from the use of a particular property to a recipient. A liability can be an accident, physical injury, or other dispute. After signing the document, the recipient shoulders the responsibility for any damage arising from using the property.  

A release of liability form is also called a liability waiver or liability agreement. For more information on the liability document, turn to the experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers.

What Is A Release Of Liability Form After a Car Accident?

A release of liability form for a car accident is a legally binding document that’s signed by a vehicle owner and renter. The form may stipulate that the renter will bear responsibility for any damage that occurs from the use of the leased vehicle. The car owner will not bear any liability in such a case.

Other times, the form can dictate that if an accident happens, the two parties will tackle the matter outside legal systems.

What are the Basic Contents of a Release of Liability Form?

While the forms will vary depending on the situation, they bear some similar contents, such as:

  • Releaser: He or she is the property owner who promises not to incite any legal measures if an unfortunate accident happens
  • Recipient: That’s the individual or entity who acquires custody of the vehicle or property to use it
  • Effective Date: It’s when the agreement shall officially start
  • Event: It describes the purpose for which the recipient shall use the property
  • Consideration: It’s something with legal value, like money or a declared course of action, which is given in exchange for appending a signature
  • Governing Law: That defines any anticipated problem or matter which may need to be resolved via the prevailing state regulations

When Do You Use A Release of Liability Form for Car Accident?

The release of liability form is useful when a person desires to lease out a certain vehicle for another one. Basically, the form defines the rules that control the lease, especially what should occur if an accident takes place.

Other than transferring liabilities from a car owner to the renter, the agreement also comes with other extra responsibilities. For instance, it might be utilized in litigation purposes, proof of car custodianship, and settlement of other expenses resulting from usage.

When two parties are involved in an auto accident, the form helps to settle any claims outside of primary legal frameworks. The main role of the document is to purge both parties from having to resolve matters in a law court.

In case of any confusion on the use or ownership of the property in question, the form comes to clarify things. It possesses information pieces that accurately dispel the ownership and other pertinent matters.

Finally, it also spares the owner any blame arising from damage inflicted by his or her property to third parties. Rather, it switches the fault to the recipient who was using the property during the defined time duration.

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Since the document is legally binding and enforceable, it is similar to instituting legal proceedings in law courts. Therefore, you should not fear singing and making use of a release of liability form in a car accident. If you are not certain, please call the El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers at 213-985-1120 for a free case evaluation.