Examples of Reckless Driving in Los Angeles

Reckless driving is one of the most common causes of injuries and fatalities in automobile accidents. It occurs when a person operates a vehicle negligently without paying attention to the safety of others and property. 

The Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers are aware of the consequences of reckless driving. 

Examples of Reckless Driving

There are several examples of reckless driving that drivers engage in on a daily basis, including:

1. Speeding

Without a doubt, driving at an excessive speed is dangerous behavior. And when you go over the set speed limit by many miles/hour, you’ll likely receive more than a speeding ticket. You can receive a reckless driving conviction because you’re endangering the lives of other people by going too fast.

2. Tailgating

Tailgating can lead to much more than a fender bender, particularly at high speeds. If you tailgate, and the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, you might not have enough time to respond. That will cause you to swerve and lose control of the vehicle if you are driving at a high speed.

Therefore, it’s essential to always leave enough room between your car and the one ahead of you, especially in poor weather.

3. Running Red Lights or Stop Signs

Many drivers on the road are in the habit of running red lights when they are in a rush to get somewhere or feeling impatient. Sadly, the behavior can bring catastrophic accidents. If you make the mistake of running a red light and a wreck occurs, you’ll likely have to bear the legal consequences.

4. Drunken Driving

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense that can result in jail time, fines, or license suspension. Drinking leads to poor judgment, lack of coordination, and reduced vision, so it’s not a good idea to drive while intoxicated.

5. Distracted Driving

It just takes a few seconds to crash a vehicle because of distracted driving. It may include looking at text messages, answering phone calls, talking with other passengers, or eating while operating a car. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of personal injuries and deaths across the country.

6. Cutting Others Off

Cutting off other drivers intentionally or unintentionally is dangerous. You can strike the other car, or the other vehicle could swerve in an attempt to avoid the crash. Cutting other people off is usually a characteristic of road rage, but it may also arise from the miscalculation of available space.

7. Failing to yield

Several drivers behave like they are entitled to the right of way on the road. But, every motorist has a duty to adhere to the traffic rules in order to prevent foreseeable damage. A driver who fails to yield on the road as necessary may cause an accident. S

ample situations include a driver taking a left turn refusing to yield to oncoming cars, and a motorist entering the highway aggressively. An accident can also happen if a driver fails to yield to a pedestrian who’s on a crosswalk.

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