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The figures are staggering. Nearly 38,000 people die in car crashes in the United States each year, and more than two million people are injured. California has the dubious distinction of recording more traffic fatalities than any other state except Texas. In a study of traffic problems, it was noted that fatalities dropped everywhere in the United States, except for California, where the number rose. Los Angeles is high on the list of car accidents, perhaps because no one seems to walk in the city. On any given day on any given hour in this largest city in the state, it looks like all of the population is on wheels. So much traffic on the roads invariably leads to so many car accidents that require the help of a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

Traffic accidents in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the country are caused mainly by these three problems:

  • Negligence. This is usually listed as the number one cause of car accidents in?L.A. and elsewhere. Someone was not paying enough attention to traffic or road?conditions.
  • Speeding or alcohol is a big contributor to traffic accidents. In either case,?the driver is usually aware of the condition but ignores it.
  • Product liability. The car itself is the problem here, such as a defective tire?that blows. In this case, the manufacturer may be held accountable for the?accident even though there was no actual intent to cause harm.

Accidents on the road in Los Angeles often cause these common injuries:

  • Whiplash. This most common car accident injury occurs when a car is hit by?another vehicle or slams into another car or structure. Very often, the injuredparty does not even realize the problem at first. It may only become evident
    when back or neck pain begins.
  • Head and neck injuries. If a seatbelt is not fastened correctly or not?fastened at all, the driver or passenger may be thrust against the steering?wheel or dashboard, causing headaches, blurred vision, and even memory loss.
  • Back injuries. A fractured disc may be the problem here.
  • Fractures. Hip and leg fractures are common injuries in many car accidents.

If you become involved in any accident in the Los Angeles area, your first call should be for medical help, followed by calling for help from a car accident attorney in Los Angeles. Be aware that not all medical problems show up in the first few minutes or longer after a car accident. You may think that back pain means only a sprain, but it may be much more serious and should be examined immediately.

Your second contact after an accident in the area should be to, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer who is well experienced in identifying and weighing all factors that have played a part in your accident. For instance, you are driving in the rain and an approaching car has a blowout and hits you. Who or what is at fault? As your car accident attorney in Los Angeles, we will work to uncover the facts. Is the poorly constructed or bumpy road at fault? Was the other driver drinking? What made the tire blow out? It is important to uncover responsibility in any accident as this can determine if your insurance policy will cover your losses or it is the responsibility of someone else.

If you are involved in any car accident in the Los Angeles area, do not go through it alone. As your car accident Los Angeles attorney, a fair and honest judgment in your accident case is our top priority. We pride ourselves on being recognized as a leading car accident firm. We have long experience with car accident laws and requirements in the state, making us familiar with the issues that concern underinsured or non-insured motorists as well. If you have had a car accident in Los Angeles, do not add to your problems by attempting to go through the ordeal without legal aid. We can help to ease the pain.

We are recognized as a leading Los Angeles car accident law firm. We know the steps to take in a car accident case and the papers to file to obtain the best possible outcome for you. At our first consultation, we will discuss the procedures we can use to obtain the best possible results in your case. When you take our services, you can expect thorough and dedicated representation as well as the best in skills and experience on your side. Our investigation will be aimed at obtaining just compensation for any and all of your injuries and those of your loved ones. You are the victim in a car accident, and we want to make sure that you do not spend your after-accident period in a fight with insurance companies. Let our experience do that for you. If it concerns a car accident in the Los Angeles area, contact us today and let us begin to work for your complete recovery.

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