Pre-existing Conditions Personal Injury Case

In most injury and accident cases, victims face inquires from the insurance company and legal team of the opposing party about pre-existing conditions. Although victims are not entitled to compensation for injuries and conditions that occurred before the accident, they may be eligible for conditions that were made worse by the accident.

The Los Angeles car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can help you gain fair compensation after an accident aggravates the symptoms of a pre-existing condition.

Importance of Disclosing Pre-Existing Conditions

Once you get involved in an auto accident, it is crucial that you be honest with your injury lawyer about the conditions that you had during the time of the accident. Failure to disclose them can reduce your chances of winning a pre-existing conditions personal injury case and getting a fair and favorable settlement.

Revelation is essential, especially when the injuries you sustain from the accident affect the same areas as the pre-existing conditions. If you don’t disclose the conditions to your healthcare provider or our El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, your entire claim can get jeopardized. It is best to disclose all your old injuries and conditions and work with a health care provider to prove how the accident has heightened these conditions.

When an insurance valuer or an opposing lawyer finds you with no prior injuries or complaints, especially if you are over 30 years, your past might come under inspection. The insurer might use your pre-existing claim histories and injuries to discredit your claims. So, it is essential to explain your conditions before and after an accident to your legal and medical teams to get the right treatment and compensation for the consequences of the accident.

Being honest about your pre-existing condition puts you in good favors and increases your credibility during the claim process.

Why Are Medical Records Important?

Pre-existing conditions provide some advantages when dealing with personal injury claims. The primary advantage is that it offers a scrutinous view of what was happening with you at the time of the clash. Pre-existing injuries give concrete foundations for lawyers, juries, and judges to see how you have suffered because of a subsequent accident, but each claim is unique.

The important thing is for your lawyer to collaborate with your doctor to provide objective and honest documentation. Documentation enables an injury attorney to prove how an accident has intensified your pre-existing conditions.

How to Protect Your Injury Claims

For a higher chance of success, you need to understand how a pre-existing conditions personal injury case works. The qualified attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can assist you in making a stronger claim by connecting your recent injuries to previous and ongoing medical issues.

We understand that nothing is important than your health. So, if an injury has derailed your capability to work, our car accident attorney can assist you in recovering from the pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and don’t let your pre-existing conditions ruin your personal injury claim.