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Los Angeles Rollover Car Accident Attorneys

Auto accidents happen for many different reasons including head-on collisions, side swipes and read-end collisions. One type of accident that has a significant possibility to cause severe, or sometimes fatal, injuries is a rollover accident. Typically, this auto accident occurs when something triggers the vehicle to roll onto its roof or on its side. In some situations, the vehicle rolls over several times.

Regardless of how a rollover occurs, all occupants inside the vehicle may experience multiple points of impact. Someone may even get ejected from the moving vehicle and suffer severe injuries. Seatbelts, airbags and other safety features may not be enough protection if you were in a rollover accident. You need a Los Angeles Rollover car accident attorney.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Driver negligence, hazardous road conditions and defective products are three primary causes of rollover accidents.

Driver Negligence

Distracted driving or turning too quickly are among the negligent behaviors that can lead to the vehicle you are in rolling over. Additionally, the driver of a separate vehicle could run yours off the road. There have been instances where semi-trucks roll over, which causes significant damage to any cars driving nearby.

Swerving to avoid a deer, oversteering and overcorrecting are more behaviors that display negligent driving practices. Any incident that contributed to your involvement in a rollover crash may give you a valid personal injury case. The driver that caused the accident may be liable for losses you suffer as a result.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Certain triggers on the road are often the cause of single car rollovers. For example, uneven pavement, hitting potholes or high speed limits on dangerous curves create dangerous conditions. Government entities could be held responsible if they neglect their duties for keeping roads well-maintained and safe. Such negligent actions or omissions that cause your injuries and/or property damage should not go overlooked.

Defective Vehicles

Defective vehicles are another common cause of rollover accidents. Malfunctions such as tire blowouts can cause you to lose control while driving. In addition there are some dangerous designs to some vehicles that may increase your chance of rolling over after being involved in a collision.

SUVs, minivans and trucks have a particularly high center of gravity, making these vehicle more susceptible to roll over and cause serious injuries to you and/or your passengers. Because of this, these vehicle are expected to have adequate roll cages or bars to prevent a roof collapse.

If such safety features are omitted from the design, the injuries you suffer might be more serious than other circumstances. Another common defect is side airbags that fail to deploy. This can cause occupants in your vehicle to suffer significant injuries that would not have occurred if the airbags worked properly.

Your Rights as a Victim of a Rollover Accident

As the victim of a rollover accident, you may have the right to receive a substantial amount of compensation from any party responsible for your injuries. However, determining who or which entity is liable can be challenging. This becomes an issue when more than one party may have contributed to the rollover accident.

To illustrate, the driver of an SUV might have sideswiped your vehicle. On the surface, it appears to be driver negligence, but a defect in the SUV might have contributed to the driver losing control. In such cases, filing a legal claim against all possibly negligent parties becomes complicated.

To ensure your rights are fully protected, it is important to have an experienced rollover car accident attorney in Los Angeles on your side. You want someone with resources and knowledge of the law to investigate the accident and ensure all appropriate claims are filed on time.

When to File a Lawsuit after a Rollover Accident

Typically, the cause of the rollover accident determines whether you should file a lawsuit. Some defendants will argue that although you were the victim, you displayed some type of negligent behavior that contributed to the accident. Filing a lawsuit with the help of a Los Angeles Car Accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident can help you counter such defenses.

If you have been injured from a vehicle rolling over, there is a significant probability that you were not to blame. To prove who actually caused the accident that led to your injuries, you need legal representation to get the compensation you deserve.

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