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Impaired Driving Accident


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Los Angeles Impaired Driving Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents caused by alcoholWhen you are on the road, you expect that all of the other drivers are operating their vehicles as safely as you. However, some drivers will drink alcohol, take drugs, or engage in other behavior that leads to impaired driving, and when an impaired driver causes an accident the results can be devastating. At the office of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, our Los Angeles impaired driving accident lawyers understand how serious an impaired driving accident can be and zealously advocate for the victims of impaired driving accidents to get the compensation they deserve.

What is Impaired Driving?

is a term that encompasses a number of behaviors behind the wheel, but at its core means that the driver is unable to safely operate a vehicle in the same manner as a sober person behind the wheel. Impaired driving can take many forms. The most common is driving under the influence of alcohol. This does not necessarily mean that the driver has a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more. Just because a driver is below the legal limit for DUI does not mean that they are automatically safe to be behind the wheel, and the driver can still be impaired with a lesser amount alcohol in their system.

Another common cause of impaired driving is when a person operates a vehicle after consuming illegal or prescription drugs. This does not refer to antibiotics but to drugs that cause similar disorienting, sluggish, or other effects on a driver that would inhibit their ability to drive safely. Drivers can also be impaired if they choose to drive while extremely tired. This is often a cause of impaired accidents involving commercial truck drivers that are on strict deadlines and can go hours, if not days, without sleeping while behind the wheel.

Why Hire a Lawyer after an Impaired Driving Accident?

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney after being hurt in an impaired driving accident is incredibly important for your claims process. A lawyer will immediately open their investigation into the accident:

  • Negotiating Insurance Settlement in Huntington Beachgathering accident reports
  • witness statements
  • photos
  • videos and more

An attorney will serve as a shield between you and the impaired driver’s insurers and attorneys. A lawyer is looking out for your best interests and knows what full compensation should be for your claims.

In cases where the impaired driver does not want to settle for a reasonable amount, a lawyer will take your case to court. Cases of impaired driving can be difficult to prove, so having an experienced lawyer handling the issues can make all of the difference in your compensation claims. They will present the best arguments for your damages to the judge and make sure that you are given the compensation owed for the injuries caused by an impaired driver.

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