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Rollover Accident Lawyers In Los Angeles

While all car accidents can be scary, a rollover accident can elicit feelings of pure terror. And while rollover accidents are one of the least common car accident types, they are one of the most destructive. In fact, rollover crashes have a higher fatality rate than other kinds of crashes, as reported by

Our Los Angeles rollover accident attorneys at the law firm of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers understand the traumatic nature of these crashes, and that you may be dealing with serious injuries and financial losses after a rollover crash. When you need an advocate on your side who’s committed to getting you the compensation that you deserve, we can help. Call us today to for your free consultation.

Causes of Rollover Collisions

Rollover collisions can be multi-vehicle collisions (involving two or more vehicles), or single-vehicle collisions. The risk factors for a rollover crash include:

  • Vehicle type – While all vehicles can roll over, vehicles that are taller and narrower are more likely to roll over;
  • Speed – Rollover crashes, especially those that are fatal, are often speed-related;
  • Location – Rollover crashes are more likely on rural roads that are undivided and without barriers;
  • Alcohol – When drivers are alcohol-impaired, rollover crashes are more common;
  • Distracted driving – Driving distraction is a top cause of various types of car crashes, including rollover accidents.

While things like road type and vehicle type can increase the risk of a rollover accident, rollovers usually happen because of driver negligence, such as taking a turn too fast or driving aggressively. They may also happen because of hazards in the road that cause the vehicle to “trip,” or sharp turns that are unmarked.

Injuries from a Rollover Accident

A rollover collision can result in serious harm; a vehicle may be completely totaled, and occupants within may suffer serious, long-term, or even fatal injuries. Injuries that are common in a rollover crash include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries (these injuries are especially common if an occupant is thrown from the vehicle);
  • Broken bone injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Amputation injuries; and
  • Crush injuries.

In addition to the physical injuries that can result from a crash, a rollover crash can also leave a victim with psychological injuries, including conditions like depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Who’s Liable for a Rollover Crash?

When a rollover crash occurs, it’s important that an investigation into the cause of the crash is opened; without an investigation, it can be difficult to know what exactly caused the crash – driver negligence, a road hazard, another driver’s actions, a vehicle defect, or something else? Once an investigation is concluded and fault for the accident is determined, a car accident claim can be filed against the at-fault party.

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