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Road Hazard Accidents

The vast majority of car accidents that occur in the city or county of Los Angeles are the result of negligent drivers. However, there are a handful of accidents that take place every year that never would have occurred but for hazards in the roadway, ranging from animals darting across the road to downed trees and more. When a hazardous roadway accident occurs, a victim may be unsure of against whom to file a claim – after all, who’s responsible for keeping our roads safe?

Our experienced Los Angeles hazardous roadway accident lawyers at the office of El Dabe Ritter Trial lawyers know how to investigate roadway hazard accident claims, determine liability, and bring a claim against the responsible party. For representation that you can trust, reach our legal team today.

Types of Road Hazards that Lead to Accidents

As a driver in California, you have a reasonable expectation that the roads that you use will be maintained and kept in a reasonably safe condition; you would never expect for a road to be dangerous. Unfortunately, various road hazards may exist that increase the risk of an accident. Examples of road hazards that can lead to car crashes include:

  • Objects in the road, such as downed trees, power lines, animals, accident debris, and more;
  • Potholes and other dangerous road conditions, such as unmarked lanes or erosion of roadways;
  • Water on the road that creates hazardous driving conditions (due to poor drainage);
  • Inadequate skid resistance;
  • A lack of guardrails;
  • Unmarked sharp turns or curves;
  • A lack of appropriate road signage;
  • Poorly placed traffic signals; and
  • More

Who’s Liable for an Accident Caused by a Road Hazard?

Clearly, some road hazards are not foreseeable nor preventable. For example, if an animal darts in front of your vehicle, or if you’re caught in a sudden downpour of rain, no one may be to blame for an accident that results except for Mother Nature. But many of the hazardous road conditions listed above are preventable, and occur as the result of defective road design and planning, defective construction, or/and defective and negligent road maintenance. When you can prove that your car accident would not have occurred but for the negligence of the party responsible for road design/maintenance, then you may be able to bring forth a claim for damages.

In California, the California Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains more than 15,000 miles of highway and is responsible for most road maintenance.  

Bringing a Claim Against the Government

If you believe that a government entity, such as your municipality or the California DOT should be held liable for your crash, there are specific steps that you will need to take to bring forth a claim. This includes ensuring that you file a written notice of your claim within six months of your accident’s occurrence. If your claim is rejected, you will then have the opportunity to file a lawsuit for damages.

Our Los Angeles Road Hazard Car Accident Attorney Can Help

When you call our knowledgeable Los Angeles road hazard car accident lawyers, we will work hard to investigate your case, determine the cause of your accident, identify the liable party, and bring forth a successful claim. We have experience bringing claims against the government and are knowledgeable in the process and best practices for maximizing claimants’ compensation awards. Reach our team today for your free, no-obligation case consultation.

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