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Pasadena Slip and Fall Attorneys

Many people in Pasadena, CA suffer physical injuries after tripping in supermarkets, restaurants, parking lots, and shopping malls. The victims often assume that the slip and fall are misfortunes that have nothing to do with the business owner. The Pasadena resident will incur huge medical bills, suffer mental trauma or live with lifelong physical injuries. The serious cases of tripping may result in wrongful death.

The approach to the slip and fall can be different! California State laws hold the business owner responsible for negligence. With the help of a Pasadena slip and fall lawyer, the victim can prove negligence by the business owner and get compensation.

What is a slip and fall injury?

A slip and fall injury is a personal injury claim made by a person visiting a business premises. The claim application occurs because the premises owner fails to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of customers. The business owner is at fault for allowing conditions that pose risks to clients.

Slips and Falls That Change Your Life

A slip and fall may change your life. The tripping can cause physical injuries or wrongful death. There are structural conditions in business premises that pose risks to clients:

  • Unlit stairs, poorly- lit stairs or loose stair rails.
  • Debris that remains uncollected.
  • Wet or slippery floors and sloppy surfaces.
  • Loose flooring tiles
  • Poorly maintained parking lot. The parking lot must not have holes, patching cracks or uneven filling.
  • The private sidewalks the customers use to access a shopping mall could cause tripping.
  • Supermarket or restaurant owners are liable for allowing ice to accumulate in the buildings clients use to access services.
  • Construction defects on buildings. The owner is liable for the tripping because no effort is made to correct the structural weaknesses.
  • Allowing spilled substances (water or oil) to remain on the hotel floor.
  • Slippery bathtubs or shower rooms.

Who Is Liable the For Slip and Fall?

The person who owns the premises is responsible if your slip and fall attorneys in Pasadena proves the following:

  • The property owner, employees or managers know the dangerous condition exists but do not remove the dangerous object or repair the delicate structures. The attorney adduces evidence to prove the property owner’s negligence.
  • The business owner is aware that the dangerous objects or poorly maintained premises may cause injuries but does minimize the risk.

California Laws on Slip and Fall

California laws require the property owner to maintain safe conditions for people visiting all business premises. The Pasadena residents that suffer injuries may be compensated because the owner operates in a defective environment.

Journey with the Pasadena Slip and Fall Attorney

The court considers several factors to award compensation to the slip and fall victim. The judge wants to know if the Pasadena resident fell on a slippery surface, stairway, terrace, parking lot, sidewalk, or bathtub. Many victims find it difficult to prove the negligence by the property owner, so journeying with a Pasadena slip and slip lawyer is crucial.

  • Your lawyer will gather photo evidence to prove the danger of the accident scene.
  • The attorney may tell the court of past complaints about the same premises. The previous claim is enough proof of negligence.
  • Take testimonies from eye witnesses in the department store, grocery, or pharmacy.
  • Provide the court with a description of the object that caused the slip and fall whether a fruit on the floor, plastic bag or debris.
  • Present medical documents and hospital bills to the judge as prove of huge expenses. The reports from the doctor are significant as the court will want to know how the tripping affected you psychologically.
  • The slip and fall attorney in Pasadena helps to defend against the business owners defense that the victim was careless.

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