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Why Do I Need An Auto Accident Lawyer?

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If you are involved in an automobile accident, you probably wonder what your next move should be. Of course, you should seek medical attention right away. Even if you don’t feel that you are hurt, you should receive it because you may not realize how injured you are. The next thing you should do is contact an experienced personal injury attorney and here’s why.

Their insurance company

An insurance adjuster’s job is to try and get you to settle for as little as possible. They’ll probably contact you and offer you a settlement. This should never be agreed upon until you discuss it with an attorney. Depending on the circumstances, you can possibly receive more in compensation than the insurance company offers. While it’s tempting to take the money due to loss of work and bills coming in, hold out. You’ll more than likely find it worth the wait.

Your insurance adjuster may involve their attorney or offer you a structured settlement as opposed to a lump sum. Your attorney will know how to deal with their attorney. A structured settlement is a settlement that is paid out annually. This means you’ll get part of your money over a year or a number of years. You would most likely benefit more from receiving a lump sum. Your attorney can handle these aspects and more.

Your insurance company

If you have no insurance, an attorney is the best choice. He can help understand the law and how it pertains to your case. Another issue an attorney can help with is if your insurance liability is too low.

Serious injuries

If serious injuries such as severed limbs are the result of the accident, a knowledgeable attorney would know what the next step should be. Unfortunately, death can be the result of a serious accident, and your attorney can take care of your suit which may end up being a wrongful death suit.

If there are other parties and vehicles involved in the accident, acquire an attorney as soon as possible. They may have injuries, as well, and their attorney will be on the case trying to prove fault .

Your losses

It’s difficult to consider all the things you will lose when you are involved in an automobile accident. Lost wages from missing work is one of those things. Your injury may be so severe that you lose work altogether. You may become disabled and not able to return to work or may need therapy and can’t return for a while.

You may lose time with family due to court, medical procedures or therapy. Mentally, you may not have the same capacity that you had before the accident. Depression may set in or fear of driving. Whatever issues arise, your attorney can help get compensation for you and your family to cover these things.

Other reasons for an attorney

The police report may not accurately show what happened in the accident. An attorney can help get the proper report to cover you. You may be confused about paperwork you have or legal forms. Your attorney understands the paperwork and can explain it so that you can understand.

The other driver’s attorney may serve you with a lawsuit. Having your own attorney in this case will ensure that you have peace of mind.


The most important reason to speak with an attorney after an accident is the attorney has the knowledge to give you the best possible representation, and he will do the legwork to get the case going. He also will act on your behalf through the entire process such as handling the insurance companies for you.

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