How Much Will It Cost to Use a Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

What is the next move if you get an injury at the workplace? Many people tend just to keep quiet and let go. If you get injured on the job, you may consider hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. But it will be vital understanding how much the attorney will charge you for the employee case in Los Angeles. On most time, workers compensation cases are dealt on contingency fee basis this means, in the event, you win the case, the lawyer will receive a percentage of the compensation benefits, and if you lose the attorney won’t receive anything.


It is worth noting that the contingency fee arrangement gives a chance to all injured employees, an opportunity to receive legal representation, regardless if they have limited financial resources or not. It also provides an incentive for the lawyer to achieve maximum benefits for their clients.


In Los Angeles, the attorney’s fee is tightly regulated by the state. There some limit on the amount an attorney can charge to the customer, for instance, it is 15%-20% of the compensation awarded. Also, before the attorney collects the fee, the legal fees have to be approved by the appeal board or the judge.


It will all matter with the complexity of your case and the benefits in deciding how much the lawyer will charge. For example, a case before an administrative hearing, it will have a lower percentage fee than one which demands trials in the court.


Los Angeles prohibits attorneys from charging fees on some routine benefits, such as lost wages or medical bills which are not disputed by the employer. Before the attorney gets his/her share, the judge will have to approve the attorney’s fee.


In cases where your employer delays to pay you, the attorney may request the opposing side to pay you the amount and even cover your lawyer’s fee. The price paid by the opposing party is not subject to the percentage caps of the state.


Is The Attorney’s fee negotiable?


Can you negotiate with your lawyer on the fees? You can feel free to settle on the cost you lawyer charges you. But the chances of it being negotiable will all depend on the strength of your case. Note; the state has set the maximum fee an attorney may charge.


Therefore you can agree with your attorney to handle your case at a lower cost than the one fixed by the state. Note the negotiation should be done before the signing the fee agreement. The attorney should explain all the fees.


Most law firms will cater for all the costs litigating your case, but at the end, you will be required to reimburse the expenses to the company if you win the case. You should note that all costs incurred are not covered by the fee agreement, they are just additional charges.


Some of these charges that you are likely to incur on the course of worker’s compensation case include:


  1. Costs for postage
  2. Request for medical records
  3. Costs of deposition
  4. Filling costs
  5. Independent examinations by physicians

Before signing the fee agreement understand what the expense agreement entails, and also get an estimate of the bill of the total expenses that may arise during the case hearings. Some law firm doesn’t charge the fees if you happen to lose the case.


At times you may contribute to reducing some of the costs. For instance, you may preserve some of the evidence from the scene. The proof will significantly lessen the urge for some examination to be conducted. It will also help your attorney in winning the case. If anyone was in the scene, you should ask for his or her testimonies in the court this will significantly reduce the duration of your hearings and also cut down some of the expenses that will have to arise if the case proceeds for a long time.


In the event you are thinking of filling a case against your employer, for damage at the workplace, contact experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. You will be able to realize a lot of benefits than trying to navigate through the issue alone. By having a worker’s compensation lawyer, it will cost you less than you ever thought. You should also consider having a lawyer that will offer free initial consultation.