Remembering an Accident Differently, Can I Still Win My Case?



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I Made Some Statements Right After The Accident That I Now Remember Differently. Can I Still Win My Case?

Oftentimes, individuals involved in an automobile accident are nervous, scared, or excited in the moments following the initial accident. If you have been in an automobile accident, you may have made a statement to a police officer or other witness in the moments just after a collision that you now feel contains errors or does not fully or accurately represent the facts as you now recall them. These types of discrepancies in post-accident statements and later recollections do occur in many cases, but they do not mean you cannot win your case. If you work with an experienced personal injury attorney, your attorney can help you bring out the truth about your accident and correct any original misstatements or inaccuracies.

First, it is important to keep in mind that adrenaline is typically running high immediately following a collision. And, especially if someone is seriously injured, even days later the emotions involved with retelling the story to a police officer, insurance representative, or even a friend can interfere with your ability to accurately tell your side of the story. That is why it is very important not to give any unnecessary statements in the aftermath of an accident unless you have your attorney present.

However, even if you have made some statements that might not accurately reflect the truth of what happened, you can work with an experienced attorney to set the record state. Your attorney can request copies of any statements made to police or insurance companies and review them with you in an environment that is removed from the initial stress and anxiety. In that setting, you may realize you have misspoken or made an error in communicating an important fact. In those instance, you may work with your attorney to author a corrected statement to submit to the insurance company or the police department indicating the error you made and offering the necessary additional information to set the record straight. This is obviously much more likely to be effective if you do it soon after the initial statement is given. That is why it is very important to contact an attorney as soon as you have been the victim in an automobile collision.

Additionally, even if you are not sure of a fact or you just think information you have given in an earlier statement is incorrect, it is important to discuss this information with your attorney early on. There may be other sources of information, such as witness, traffic cameras, or other physical evidence that may be able to show reveal the truth and correct a potential misstatement on your part. However, the chances of getting helpful and accurate witness statement or preserving valuable evidence decreases as time passes. Again, that is why it is very important to contact your attorney immediately if you have been injured in an automobile accident.

A skilled personal injury attorney can take the stress off of you that naturally occurs in the aftermath of an automobile accident. Allow your attorney to help you sort through any statements or information you and others may have provided early on in the investigation and quickly correct any inaccuracies. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney will ensure that little details that might not mean much to you, but may be very significant in your case, will not go unnoticed. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in an automobile accident and you are concerned about the content or accuracy of a statement you or other witnesses may have given, contact an attorney today. Your attorney has the experience and the resources necessary to obtain, review, and correct any misinformation that may be important for your case.

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