Liability in Single-Car Accidents

While most car accidents involve two or more vehicles, not all accidents will involve another driver, and sincle-vehicle accidents are more common than many people might initially believe. When you are involved in a single-car accident, and because there might not be an obvious at-fault party, victims may fail to file a claim and instead decide to cover their own experience.

In some cases, victims of single-vehicle accidents are eligible to file a claim for damages from another party. The team of Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at the El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers have experience in dealing with a single-car accident, at-fault lawsuits and are avialable help understand your legal options.

What Is A Single Car Accident?

A single-vehicle accident involves only one vehicle. A single-car accident can occur when a vehicle:

  • Hits an animal
  • Hits a cyclist or pedestrian
  • Loses control and spins, rolls, or overturns before the driver can regain control
  • Collides with a wall, tree, road sign, pole, mailbox, or other roadside object

Although a single-car accident — like other accidents — can result in property damage and severe injuries, dealing with the accident can differ from an accident that involves two or more vehicles. There is a possibility that a single-car accident will not have witnesses other than the driver of the vehicle involved, and for this reason, filing a lawsuit claim can differ from other, multi-vehicle car accidents.

When Is A Driver At Fault For A Single-Car Accident?

A driver is liable for a single-car accident if their actions or negligence directly caused the accident. If it is a rainy day, for example, and a driver is traveling on slick road at an inappropriate speed, that driver is responsible for the accident.  Additionally, if a driver is traveling at high speeds and loses control, this driver can be held liable. If, at any time, the driver makes an error that could have been reasonably avoided or acts carelessly, they will be liable for the accident.

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Victims should preserve any available evidence, such as taking pictures of the scene of the accident and any sustained damage. After a single-vehicle accident, schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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