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How To Handle A Bicycle Or Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders and bicycle riders enjoy a lot of freedom when they travel. They are also in a unique position when it comes to other vehicles on the road. They are exposed to a higher level of danger than individuals driving vehicles. There is not a protective barrier between the road, and a motorcycle or bicycle rider. Someone driving a vehicle may not understand how to drive when a motorcycle or bicycle is on the road. This makes them at a high risk for serious injury should an accident occur.

Driver Negligence

A motorcycle or bicycle rider can be injured as a result of a vehicle driver’s negligence. It’s all too common for a vehicle to drift into a driving lane and not notice a motorcycle rider next to them. Vehicle drivers have even been known to drive on bike lanes. This is considered reckless and shows the vehicle driver has a disregard for the safety of motorcycle or bicycle riders. An experienced attorney from El Dabe Law Firm will know how to prove the vehicle driver violated the duty of care owed motorcycle and bicycle riders. Should the vehicle driver be given a traffic violation after an accident, it can count as proof of negligence. It then will be up to the vehicle driver to show they didn’t cause an accident involving a motorcycle or bicycle rider.

Manufacturer Defects

A motorcycle and bicycle rider are at risk from vehicles on the road, and they are also at risk from the design or manufacture of their bikes. Should a motorcycle or bicycle have a design defect, it could lead directly to its rider being injured in an accident. A design defect is something that a company has an obligation to correct prior to their product being manufactured. A manufacturing defect results from a problem with the manufacturing process. The design is not a problem, but the assembly, materials used and more could result in a defective motorcycle or bicycle being offered for sale.

Road Problems

There is a number of problems motorcycle, and bicycle riders have to face when on the road.

*Road Hazards. When a person is driving a vehicle, a pothole, deep puddle, and more are considered annoyances. When a motorcycle or bicycle rider encounters oil slick, uneven pavement, railroad tracks, road debris and more, it can result in a dangerous situation that can cause an accident.

*Speed Wobble. This can happen when a motorcycle is going at a high rate of speed, and its front end becomes unstable. It then starts to move back and forth violently. In many cases, this results from the front and back tires being misaligned. It’s possible the manufacturer could be held liable if this results in an accident.

*Visual Recognition. Bicycles and motorcycles are small visual objects to vehicle drivers. It is very easy for them to be hidden by weather conditions, other vehicles and more. Intersections are the most dangerous. This is where a large percentage of bicycle and motorcycle accidents occur.

*Weather. When a bicycle or motorcycle rider starts out, the weather may be nice but then turn terrible. When this happens, they very vulnerable to the elements. This situation can cause slick spots on the road and more.

Not Wearing Helmet

In the state of California, motorcycle riders must wear a safety helmet. This is covered in California Vehicle Code Division12, Chapter5:7 Section 27803. Bicyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear a safety helmet. It’s important to understand that even if a person isn’t wearing a safety helmet during an accident, they could still recover damages. This is especially true if the other party was responsible for the accident. An award could be decreased if it is shown that the failure of wearing a helmet contributed to a person’s injuries.

Legal Help

When a person is involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident, they may not know what to do next. These people could be facing medical bills, property damage and more. This is a time so speak with an attorney who is experienced in handling motorcycle or bicycle accidents. Someone who knows the law and the value of a case. The El Dabe Law Firm has attorneys with the experience to help a motorcycle or bicycle rider get the compensation they deserve. They know how to protects a person’s rights and get their case resolved quickly.

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