Is a Bicycle a Vehicle?

Many people use bicycles to get to and from their destinations, so much so that bicycles have become the most common form of transportation. However, very few understand the laws surrounding bicycles, and many more do not respect them, believing they have fewer responsibilities on the road as riders and that bicycles are not considered vehicles. Is a bicycle a vehicle?

According to the law, a vehicle and bicycle operate under the same rights and duties. Because there are a significant number of cyclists on the road, bicycle-related accidents make up a majority of personal injury claims.

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Liability in bicycle accidents

According to the National Safety Council, approximately $4 billion is exchanged every year after a bicycle rider is severely injured or killed due to a bicycle-related accident. Some may be invisible, and others are visible such as broken bones.

Traffic law requires riders to use some roads with cars by traveling close to the edge of the roadway for safety. On some roads, however, they have their own lanes, which is more secure.

If a car knocks you over while you are following all the safety precautions, the court may them liable, and you could receive compensation.

What should you do after a cycling accident?

After a bicycle-related accident, there are several steps you can take to ensure you have the best chance at being compensated for your injuries or damages, including:

  •       Getting to a safe area in case you have been hurt seriously
  •       Calling the police
  •       Recording witness information, including contact details and address
  •       Taking records of the vehicle’s registration number
  •       Keeping records of medical bills

How to claim compensation in a cycling accident

If you decide to claim compensation from the negligent party, contact an experienced attorney to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. The at-fault party’s insurer will be responsible for paying the compensation. Most claims are settled outside of a court, but, in the event that the case continues to trial, a personal injury lawyer can represent you.

How long will it take to claim compensation?

The law requires that you make your claim within a specified period from the time of the accident, referred to as the statute of limitations. Statutes of limitations vary from state to state. There are exceptions if you are claiming for a loved one or a child. This also includes people who do not have the mental capacity to make a claim themselves.

The average time for filing a lawsuit is three years. How long it takes depends on your ability to prove responsibility, their acceptance of the responsibility, and how long it takes to get treatment.

The claim for cycling accidents, like all the others, depends on the severity of your injuries. Additionally, they will consider the cost of medical care, income lost following the injury, vehicle adaptation cost, and damage to your property, a bike in this case.

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