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Internal Organ Injuries


When drivers and passengers get involved in a car accident, they will be slammed into devices in the car like airbags, seat 3 Car Fender Bender Who is at Faultbelts, windshield, seat backs, and dashboard. The standard internal injuries include chest injuries, traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, and abdominal injuries.

A severe internal injury will require a diagnostic test which is expensive, emergency medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation therapy and hospitalization. At times, the internal injury will bring a permanent change to the victim’s life. Furthermore, the recovery process for an internal damage will be long and expensive.

Internal organs injuries are something that is very dangerous since it cannot be identified right away. Internal organ injuries can have devastating impacts such as depression, disabilities, surgeries, and adverse effects on the individual’s life. When the organ injuries have been caused by someone else’s negligence, the injured party will be entitled to compensation. Different types of internal organ injuries involve heart injuries, digestive organ injuries, traumatic brain injuries, organ failure, and internal bleeding injuries. It is necessary for anyone who has been involved in the internal organ injury to get compensated so that they can move on with their life.

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In case an individual has been involved in an internal organ injury due to another person’s negligence, one should contact a qualified personal attorney to handle the situation. The Los Angeles internal organ injury Lawyers have been in the industry for a long time and will bring the needed experience to tackle the case smoothly. A lawyer who has handled internal organ injury is in a better position to help the victim get the maximum compensation possible. The Los Angeles internal organ injury Lawyers will review the circumstances of the injury and advise the victim on the compensation they deserve.


Orange county car accident crash reportIt will only be noticed once the victim starts to notice serious complications. Therefore, it is advisable that anyone who is involved in an accident goes through a thorough medical evaluation to find out if there are any organ injuries. The Majority of the victims may not go through the test will believe that there is nothing wrong with them. However, going through the medical evaluation will be of great help to identify if there is any internal organ injury.


Causes of Internal Damage

Getting a medical examination is an essential step for any person who has got involved in an auto accident. When a person is involved in a crash, there may be before the external forces on the body. There are maybe injuries under the skin as a result of the kinetic energy. The victim may go home thinking that they are in good health only to notice later that they had severe internal injuries.

The internal damage is caused by some issues. Some of the causes include blunt trauma where the injury occurs when the body comes into contact with a blunt object. The blunt trauma can happen when one hits their head on the steering wheel. There may be no open wounds, but blood vessels will be compressed. The other cause is decelerating trauma whereby one of the body organs continue on a forward trajectory through the muscles, and spine before coming to a stop. Some of the organs that can be affected by the internal injury include:

  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Heart

Finally, penetrating trauma occurs when the accident victim gets a deep wound. It may not be easy to detect any internal bleeding. As such, one should go for the check-up early enough.

Internal Injury Check-Up

The blunt trauma will give the victim reasons to go or a medical examination. The decelerating trauma may go unnoticed Where most car accident happen in Huntington Beachand since there is no sign of injury on the outside. The decelerating trauma is severe and silent. Therefore, it is necessary to go for an internal injury check-up. In as much as one may not feel the need to go through the tests, it is still a good idea to take the test. It will help in the long run.

There are specific complications that result from the internal organ injuries. Internal bleeding is severe when it comes to internal injury. The internal bleeding can be caused by punctured lungs, ruptured blood vessels, and intestinal tract perforations. Some of the severe injuries include punctured lung, ruptured spleen, and internal hemorrhaging.

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