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About Compression Fracture Back Injuries

Shoulder Injury from car accidentA compression fracture injury mainly occurs as a result of excessive pressure on the vertebra, physical injury or an impact. If any of these circumstances causes a bone to collapse, then the condition is known as a vertebral compression fracture. Sudden pressure or impact on the back can cause a compression fracture.

If you or a loved one has suffered a compression fracture, then you need to consult with a personal injury lawyer. A compression fracture can have far-reaching consequences. You deserve full compensation so that you receive good medical treatment and make necessary adjustments. A deeper understanding of compression fractures will shed more light on why you need to seek legal expertise from our compression fracture back injury lawyers when filing a claim.

Claiming bodily injury in a car accidentCompression Fracture Accidents

Compression fractures can be sustained in accidents such as car accidents. Most fractures are sustained in motor vehicle accidents where the fracture is often combined with other injuries such as an upper bone fracture or whiplash.

Slip and fall accidents can also lead to back compression fractures. The elderly are generally more prone to slip and fall accidents, because their bones are more brittle and delicate. Slip and fall accidents are compensable. In most cases, the owner of the premise or residential building can be held liable, however, the victim must prove negligence.

In as much as you have suffered an accident, you still need to determine liability. This involves complex legal procedures and elements. This is why it is best to let a personal injury lawyer handle your case.

Compression Fracture Symptoms

People who have suffered a compression fracture complain of acute back pain that can escalate into chronic pain. Other symptoms include loss of height, loss of muscle and crowding of the internal organs. Patients may also suffer the following vertebral fracture symptoms:

  • • Restricted spinal mobility
  • • Sudden or sharp back pain
  • • Intense pain when standing or walking
  • • Pain when lying on your back
  • • Disability or deformity

Progression of Fracture Symptoms

A compression fracture may start as mild back pain, however, with time, it may develop into chronic pain. In fact, most patients are not aware that they have a compression fracture because it mainly manifests as back pain. If you have been injured in an accident and have suffered a spinal injury, it is important to get an MRI or a CT scan. Do not simply dismiss the pain because it can get worse over time.

If you have a stress fracture, you may occasionally experience sharp back pain, and you should get it checked right away. Fairly routine activities such as lifting or bending can also be strenuous and occasioned with pain.


A compression or vertebral fracture must be correctly diagnosed.; failure to do this can lead to complications in the future. Treatment should also be administered immediately so that the back does not deteriorate. Spinal injuries and fractures can be life-altering and in some cases, patients are unable to make a full recovery.

Compression fractures and other vertebral fractures are not easy to diagnose. In most cases, the victims need to undergo a series of tests. These tests are expensive and time-consuming.

Seeking Legal Expertise After a Compression Fracture Accident

As is evident, a compression fracture injury can be life-altering. It is not guaranteed that you will make a full recovery and in most cases, it takes months for the pain to subside. When you suffer a compression fracture, and you pursue a claim, the insurance company may be very quick to make an offer. However, it is ill-advised to simply take the offer before consulting with an injury lawyer. Insurance companies are known to shortchange people. This is why you need a lawyer by your side. The lawyer can negotiate for compensation that is commensurate with your injuries.

A compression fracture could mean that you have to make adjustments. It could even mean that you switch jobs because you can no longer handle the job pressure and workload. The future cost implications of your injury must be factored in when calculating compensation. On your own, you may not know how much your claim is worth and if you understate your injuries, you may not be in a position to recover the money. An injury lawyer will not settle for less than your claim is worth.

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