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About Broken Ankle Accidents

A broken ankle is an extremely painful injury. It requires immediate emergency treatment in an urgent care center or emergency room facility. While there are many reasons that a negligent act might lead to a broken ankle, among the most common acts of negligence that lead to a broken ankle is reckless driving. Negligent drivers cover our roads on an annual basis with a blatant lack of regard for other human life. Some drivers drive drunk and end up killing other drivers. Others feel that it’s more important to post on Facebook than it is to drive safely, so they post pictures online while driving and end up killing or gravely injuring another person. If you or a loved one suffered and injury because of the negligence of another party, contact our broken ankle attorneys in Los Angeles.

A broken ankle is an injury that can lead to a lifetime of consequences. Like any other orthopedic injury, it’s going to require months or even years of care, and it’s likely that a broken ankle will result in ongoing medical treatment for the problem, even after it’s healed. If the broken ankle is bad enough, it will cause chronic pain, even after the initial injury has been treated. That’s why personal injury lawyers are so aggressive when they pursue damages from orthopedic injuries. They often have features of ongoing pain and suffering that make them held to a higher dollar amount of compensation.

If you’ve had your ankle broken in a car accident or other form of personal injury that someone else is responsible for, you will experience a lot of consequences, such as:

– Throbbing pain
– Swelling to the ankle
– Inability to move the ankle the way a healthy person can
– Emotional trauma due to suffering from pain
– High medical bills to treat the ankle pain and lack of mobility

The list goes on and on. Car accidents can cause especially severe ankle breaks that will result in our clients needing surgeries and pain medications for the rest of their life. In these instances, we’re not at all afraid to pursue damages to the tune of millions of dollars. And don’t think that it’s an unfair amount. Breaking an ankle badly can change one’s life forever. There are athletes who miss out on an entire career because they break an ankle. There are mothers who will never be able to comfortably attend their children’s life events because they will be in constant pain from an ankle injury.

Drivers who get on the road and drive without paying attention to the other drivers on the road need to be held accountable for their actions. When they perform an action on the road that results in someone’s ankle breaking, we’re there to take on the case and fight for justice. Unfortunately, we can only win millions of dollars for our clients. In most cases, the person would much rather have their health back. Although we can’t take away the pain that you suffer from, and we can’t imagine what it’s like to go through an injury that was no fault of your own, we can promise you that we passionately believe in the causes we undertake for our clients. We believe that you should never have to worry a day of your life about medical bills, medications, and lost wages from your constant pain and suffering.

It’s our belief that we are your voice in the courtroom. We speak for you in legal language that lets the court know just what it is you’ve been through as a result of your injury. We paint a vivid picture for judges of just what kind of pain you’ve suffered as a result of your injury. And we in no uncertain terms let the courts know the kind of negligent disregard for human life that led to your broken ankle. No matter what caused your broken ankle, we can make sure that the person or people responsible pay you as much money as the court allows, and this is exactly what we will do. We have a stellar history of success in these cases.

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