How to Pay Your Medical Bills from a Personal Injury Settlement

If you have suffered injuries in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you may be wondering about your medical bills. Compensation for your damages can only be awarded at the end of your personal injury claim. Meanwhile, you need to pay your medical bills as your claim is being processed.

Huntington Beach Car Accident Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can help you in coordinating the sources of payments available to you as you await settlement.

Health Insurance

The first important resource you should turn to for the immediate payment of your medical bills is your health insurance. Many car insurance companies will actually not pay your medical expenses directly but will instead reimburse your health insurer.

Your health insurance company has to pay for your covered medical expenses, whether you receive a settlement for your claim or not. You should give your health insurance information to your healthcare providers as soon as you can.

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney enables efficient negotiations with the insurance company on the amount that is to be reimbursed. You are also able to fully focus on your recovery and avoid added costs while your case is still pending.

Medicaid and Medicare

Medicaid is a health care program that has a significant impact on the lives of a broad range of Americans. It provides a cost-efficient cover for patients whom private insurance could not quite cover economically. Medicare, on the other hand, is a federal health insurance program which covers individuals aged 65 and above.

As well as some younger people with certain disabilities. If you are a Medicare recipient and have suffered a personal injury, Medicare can pay your medical bills. You will, however, be required to repay Medicare in case you receive settlement funds from your successful personal injury claim. Medicare actually has an automatic lien on the compensation you receive from your personal injury settlement.

Unlike private health insurance companies, Medicare offers you no flexibility to negotiate the lien amount. You are required to report within 60 days any settlement resulting from your claim for which Medicare covered your medical bills. Otherwise substantial fines will accrue.

Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payment Coverage

Another option for paying your personal injury medical bills is through your vehicle insurance personal injury protection (PIP). The coverage caters to your medical expenses regardless of who was at fault.

You will not be required to repay your insurance company with the settlement funds you receive from your claim. The insurance company is also not at liberty of raising your rates during your policy period if you make a PIP claim.

MedPay is an add-on to your auto insurance policy that covers your medical expenses arising from car accidents. The coverage is supplemental to your health insurance and caters to expenses such as visits to the hospital, surgeries, X-rays, and emergency medical fees.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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