How to Handle When Doctor’s Offices Won’t Disclose a Car Accident Bill to Your Insurance

After being involved in a Los Angeles car accident, you may require treatment for a myriad of injuries. Sometimes, these treatments are both expensive and intensive. But if you have insurance–whether health insurance or car insurance–you may be comforted by the idea that you surely will not have to pay for your medical bills out of pocket.

In certain situations, however, your doctor may refuse to submit a bill to your insurance company. When this is the case, working with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer is a must. Call our legal team today to learn how we can help.

Why Your Doctor’s Office May Refuse to Disclose a Car Accident Bill to Your Insurance

The first step in handling your doctor’s refusal to disclose a car accident-related medical bill to your insurance is to identify why the refusal is occurring. Some reasons why your doctor’s office may refuse to send your insurer a bill include:

    • Your doctor believes that the insurer will deny coverage;
    • Your doctor wants you to pay in-full and up-front for medical services;
    • Your doctor is no longer within your insurer’s network; or
  • The deadline for filing the claim has passed, and so your doctor refuses to take action as such.

In other cases, a doctor may incorrectly file a claim using the wrong medical code, or may simply refuse to report the claim for undisclosed reasons.

What Can I Do If My Doctor Won’t Disclose My Car Accident-Related Medical Bill to My Insurer?

If your doctor won’t disclose your bill and you are being pressed by the doctor’s office to make payment yourself out of pocket–the doctor’s may even go so far as to turn the unpaid medical bills over to a collection company–you need to act quickly. Our legal team recommends:

  • Immediately hire a lawyer. If you haven’t already hired a lawyer to help you recover compensation after a car accident, you should do so immediately. Our car accident attorneys at the office of El Dabe Ritter Trial lawyers will advocate for you and contact the doctor’s office and your insurer directly.
  • File the medical claim yourself. While you may expect your doctor’s office to disclose your medical bills on your behalf, if they are refusing to do so, you should file the medical claim yourself, even if you are doing so past the filing deadline.
  • Obtain a provider agreement between your doctor and the insurance company. This agreement may include a stipulation for a doctor to file a claim within a certain amount of time, which they may very well be in violation of.
  • Explore other options with your attorney. Other options may include negotiating your debt, appealing a denied claim, filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance, or even bringing a legal action against your doctor’s office.

Our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

You deserve to be compensated after a car accident. And when your doctor refuses to cooperate by reporting a claim to the appropriate insurance company after treating you for car-accident related injuries, you need legal counsel. At the office of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers, our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are passionate about representing victims like you, and are ready to begin work on your claim today. Please call our law office now for your free consultation!