How Can Weather Cause a Car Accident?

During bad weather, the possibility of a car accident increases. Extreme weather — such as rain, fog, snow, sleet, and ice — can decrease traction, limit visibility, diminish brake performance, and reduce speed control. Drivers should adjust their speed and take extra care when traveling in bad weather conditions. Those who do not take the necessary precautions place their own lives at risk and endanger everyone around them.

Although bad weather can cause dangerous driving conditions, the at-fault driver may still be held responsible. The Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers can advise you of your legal rights after a weather-related car accident.

Negligence and Car Accidents

If the negligence of another driver resulted in an accident during poor weather conditions, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. Proving negligence in bad weather can be difficult, so consulting an experienced car accident lawyer is the best option.

The Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers have a history of working with victims of bad weather car accidents and will work to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

How Does Weather Cause Car Accidents?

Sleet, fog, snow, rain, and heavy winds can create an environment that is not always ideal for drivers. Bad weather conditions and their impacts can include: 

  • Heavy rain, which reduces visibility and makes it difficult for drivers to see other cars. Decrease visibility might make it seem that objects instantly appear before drivers, giving them little-to-no time to react. Freezing rain is also a hazard that increases the risk of car accidents by making the roadway slick.
  • Fog can occur during or after a storm, reducing road visibility.
  • Snow accumulation can decrease roadway capacity and make roads hard to navigate.
  • High winds can blow debris onto the roadway or cause road closures, resulting in dangerous and unfamiliar conditions. Dust and other debris kicked up by high winds can also cause poor visibility.

Any one of these factors can significantly increase the risk of a car accident.

It might also be difficult for drivers to judge their speed, the speed of nearby vehicles, and the timing of traffic signals during bad weather conditions. Cars that have damaged or worn tires are at a higher risk of skidding or sliding on the road, escalating the probability of an accident.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

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