How Much Will My Insurance Go up After a Fender Bender?

Most drivers know that they should contact their insurance company after a major accident. However, most people fail to inform their insurance providers about a fender bender. If you have been in a minor accident, you are probably asking the question ‘How much will my insurance go up after a fender bender?

In case you get into a minor accident, make sure you contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney to help you through the entire process.

If you have been involved in a minor accident, the claim amount may be negligent. In such cases, you should not make a claim. Paying out of pocket makes more sense. If you make a claim, your insurance will go up for very little savings. 

 If the damages from your fender bender are below $2,000, it makes sense to pay out of pocket. Your insurance will go up at the same rate for all minor fender benders. The effects may remain in place for three years. 

How Much Will my Insurance Go Up After a Fender Bender?

If you have been in an at-fault accident, filing a claim makes you seem like a risky driver. Your insurance company knows that you are likely to cost them money so they will raise your rates.

Different insurance companies will raise your premium at different rates. After making your claim, it is wise to compare auto insurance quotes from different companies. Work with the provider that gives you better coverage at lower premium rates. 

 On average, your insurance rates may go up by 31% following one at-fault accident that costs over $2,000. It may go up by $450 per year. 

 Various factors affect your insurance premiums and how much they go up. Your insurance company will take into account the specifics of your situation. If you were not at fault, your insurance may only increase slightly. 

 If you are wondering how much your insurance company will increase after a fender bender, you are probably wondering what to do after a minor accident as well. 

 You should get the other driver’s name, insurance information, vehicle model, and passenger names. Contact the police and get a police report as soon as possible. You can then decide if you wish to make an insurance claim. 

How Can Your Insurance Go Up?

The way your insurance rates increase after an accident is not random. It is well-calculated. Your insurance may rise in the following ways;

  1. Your base rates may increase
  2. You may pay an accident surcharge
  3. You may lose your discounts

Every insurance provider has a surcharge schedule. It explains when rates can go up. Always check the surcharge schedule of your insurance company. It will let you know when your rates may go up. Unfortunately, an insurance company with favorable rates may have unfavorable penalties in surcharges. 

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