How Much to Expect From A Car Accident Settlement

Car accidents can be fatal causing injuries and financial losses. A driver involved in a vehicle collision will probably have numerous questions about the recovery process. It’s important for every driver to realize what to look forward to after a car accident. It is also essential for drivers involved in a car accident to assess any damages. 

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Estimating Your Claim

In states that are fault-based, the injured driver is required to identify the party responsible for causing the accident. The injured driver should then make a coverage claim against the auto insurance policy of the at-fault driver. However, in no-fault states, an injured driver must file a claim against his or her own personal injury protection coverage.

Some of the damages that the injured driver should record after a car accident include:

  • Economic damages mainly consist of medical expenses in treating injuries.
  • Property damage including vehicle repair and costs of replacement.
  • Compensation for suffering and pain following the extent of injuries by the victim.

When the injured driver understands the extent of his or her injuries, the recovery process may start. The initial step is insurance, but the available coverage might not cover the damages of the injured driver fully. Moreover, the driver who is at fault might deny liability and even put the blame on the driver who is injured. In such a case, state negligence statutes apply.

Negligence Laws Involving Car Accident Settlements

Many states use comparative negligence laws. Plaintiffs who have suffered personal injuries can get compensation even if they are partly responsible for causing the accident. The laws fall into three categories, which includes:

  • Pure Comparative Negligence Law: A plaintiff may still get compensation even with him or her being 99% responsible for a claimed accident.
  • Modified Comparative Negligence Law: The faults of the plaintiff should not exceed those of the defendant. That is, the plaintiff may still recover damages if he or she is less than 50% at fault.
  • Contributory Negligence Laws: Any fault of the plaintiff bars recovery even if it’s just 1%.

Other Damages from a Car Accident

Losses that are intangible such as suffering and pain are more complicated to ascertain. That is unlike an insurance claimant where the plaintiff has it easy determining the economic losses. Los Angeles car accident attorneys will help the injured driver to better understand the expectations in compensating suffering and pain.

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