Why Isn’t Your Headache Going Away After A Car Accident?

A headache after a car accident is among the most incapacitating injuries after being involved in a car crash. Most auto-accident survivors we represent experience headaches after an accident, and treating them can sometimes become challenging. Individuals usually wonder why they are not getting better even after their physical injuries have long-healed.

A headache can be painful and incapacitating. Car accident lawyers and neurologists usually refer to a headache after a car accident as a post-traumatic headache because you start experiencing it after a traumatic event, particularly an auto crash. The headache can begin immediately after the accident, within hours, or even days as your brain undergoes chemical changes after trauma.

The severity of your accident is not often determined by how severe the accident was. You can also get severe headaches from a low-impact collision. Your history of brain injury, gender, age, and the position of your head during the accident play a crucial role in the severity of your headache.

If you are experiencing a headache that you think is a result of a car accident, the Los Angeles car accident attorneys at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers focus their law practice on assisting you to get better.

How do Car Accidents Cause Headaches?

During an auto accident, a victim can get a blow on the head or an intense shaking of the brain even without being hit on the head. Headaches after car accidents can also occur when the victim’s neck and head are whipped back and forth violently, which can cause whiplash.

Should You Ignore Headaches After a Car Accident?

While some headaches after an auto accident are mild and can heal without long-term side effects, post-traumatic headaches usually signify something more serious, such as a closed-head injury, concussion, and traumatic brain injury.

It is always advisable that you seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you feel like the headache is not a big deal and will disappear within hours or days after the accident. Most car accident attorneys tend to focus on apparent injuries like back injuries, bleeding, and broken limbs. They usually ignore headaches unless you report them directly to your doctor.

Legal Rights After an Accident

Every injury, every victim, and every car accident incident is different. Having said that, most attorneys do not take cases or file lawsuits for headaches after a car accident. They feel that these injuries are invisible and too hard to prove in court. But as mentioned above, headaches after car accidents are usually the first signs of traumatic brain injury, concussion, or other serious head injuries.

If you are a Los Angeles resident, you might be able to recover the benefits of your car accident-related headaches. The benefits include reimbursement of mileage and medical care, lost wages for the period you did not go to work, and nursing services if you need close attention and help around the house.

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