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What Happens If A Doctor Says I’ll Never Fully Recover From My Car Accident?

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If a doctor says that you won’t fully recover from a car accident, it could mean that your case is worth more money. This is because you will get a larger award for lost future earnings, and you may need more to pay for medical bills. It may also be possible to earn a financial award to compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as reduced quality of life.

You May Need to Change Your Lifestyle

If you are never able to walk again, this may mean that you can’t take hikes in the woods or walk your dog without modifications. If you suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, you may not be able to sit in a room with the lights on or be able to drive a car because of recurring seizures.

While it may be regrettable that you have to make those changes, you won’t be required to bear the financial burden of doing so. The person who hit you will pay for your wheelchair or equipment needed to care for an animal or a human dependent. He or she will also be required to pay for any medication that you need to control pain or other symptoms related to a head or any other type of injury.

You May Not Work Again

Lost future earnings are calculated by determining how much you could have reasonably expected to make during the rest of your career. In the event that you were expected to recover, you may be entitled to lost wages while you were at home getting better. However, if you can’t go back to work, you will necessarily lose out on the opportunity to make money in the future.

If the injury allows you to return to work in a limited capacity, you are still entitled to be paid any earnings that you still lose out on. For instance, if you have to work a desk job with no hope of being promoted to office manager or higher positions, you will be compensated for being forced to accept a lesser job.

How Does the Injury Impact Your Relationship With a Spouse or Child?

In the event that your injury doesn’t allow you to be intimate with a spouse or maintain a typical romantic relationship, you could be compensated for that. The same is true if your injuries don’t allow you to provide support or guidance for your kids.

For instance, if you can’t teach your child how to throw a baseball or can’t hold a conversation long enough to impart meaningful advice, the person who hit you will pay for that. Your quality of life may also be impacted if you have to live in a group home separated from your family.

Can You Still Use Your House or Car as Currently Built?

Depending on the injury that you sustained, it may not be possible to live in your home or drive your own car. If you need to buy a new house or car, the person who caused the accident will pay for the cost of doing so. He or she may also be asked to pay for any remodeling that needs to be done to your current home to make it easier to live in.

If your doctor tells you that you will never recover from your injuries, it may have an impact on your personal injury case. Ideally, you will have a second opinion just to be sure that there is truly no chance of getting better. Then, it may be a good idea to consult with your Los Angeles car accident attorney as to how it may change the way you choose to go about resolving your case.

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