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FAQ: Is the Truck Driver Always at Fault for a Serious Truck Accident?

When a truck accident occurs that leaves those involved with serious injuries, it can be easy to put the blame on the truck driver. And while it’s true that truck drivers’ actions often do contribute to or cause serious truck accidents, it’s important to thoroughly investigate a truck accident case before jumping to any conclusions about liability. Our car accident lawyer in Los Angeles is ready to review your case for free today and help you to determine fault and recover compensation.

Sources of Fault in a Serious Truck Accident

A truck driver’s actions–such as speeding, driving while impaired, or driving while distracted–may very well be the source of fault in a serious truck accident. In addition to a truck driver’s negligence, however, other causes of truck accidents include:

  • Trucking company negligence. Often, a trucking company’s negligence is the root cause of a truck accident. Examples of negligence that can lead to crashes include the failure to perform a thorough background check on a truck driver prior to hiring, failure to properly service and maintain trucks, or the encouragement of drivers to violate hours of service requirements.
  • Cargo shifts/ loading errors. When cargo is improperly loaded or secured, it may shift while in transit. Depending upon the type and weight of cargo, a cargo shift can have devastating consequences, shifting weight within the trailer so much so that the trailer swerves or tips. The party responsible for loading the cargo, or the shipper of the cargo, may be held liable for this accident type.
  • Third-party driver errors. Truck drivers aren’t the only drivers on the road who sometimes act negligently; drivers of standard passenger cars cause numerous accidents every year. Third-party driver errors that might lead to a large truck collision include cutting off a large truck, engaging in “squeeze play,” following too closely, driving while distracted, impaired driving, speeding, driving in a truck’s blind spot, and more.
  • Vehicle defects. Finally, while certainly not the only other cause of truck accidents, one of the more likely causes of a serious truck accident is a vehicle or vehicle part defect. For example, a tire blowout caused by defective tread, or brakes giving out mid-trip. A vehicle defect can have devastating consequences, resulting in a truck driver losing control of the vehicle.

Our Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help

Our car accident lawyer in Los Angeles at the law office of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers won’t make an assumption about what caused your truck accident; instead, we will open an investigation that seeks to determine precisely what happened. We do this by talking to accident reconstruction and vehicle part and design experts, working with eyewitnesses, reviewing truck “black box” data and the truck driver’s logs, analyzing vehicle maintenance and service logs, and more.

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