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Do I really need a lawyer if I’m hurt in a car accident?

If you’ve recently been hurt in a car accident, there’s a good chance you’ll end up needing the services of a professional personal injury lawyer. There are occasions when you may not need a lawyer, but those are usually the simplest cases that can be settled independently. The majority of cases are going to be more complex, and those complexities require additional expertise that many people don’t have. When you’ve been injured in an accident, make sure to consider the questions listed below.

Is the fault of the accident contested?

If the other driver or their insurance company decides to contest the fault of the accident, which they certainly will do if the case is presented in a court where evidence is handled according to the most technical rules, then you’ll want to hire an expert personal injury lawyer to help with the case. You would be required to prove the other party was responsible, and that can be difficult to do with no legal training. You could end up losing the case and gaining nothing for your efforts.

What was the extent of the injury?

If you experienced a particularly serious injury, especially one that might cause chronic pain or permanent disability, you should certainly contact a personal injury attorney. Larger claims are usually resisted with more gusto by the opposing party, but a proper lawyer can handle any sort of legal defense strategy that might be required. Larger claims usually translate to more in-depth trials, which might lead to a loss without proper representation. For instance, you may be able to take care of your own cuts and bruises, but you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, so neither should you trust your limited experience to handle more complex legal matters.

What are your expenses related to the injury?

You must take into account how much the injury cost you, and that includes through medical bills and lost wages. If the injury cost you a particularly large sum, you may not feel comfortable trying to pay all of that yourself in the event the case is settled out of court. A personal injury lawyer can not only work with you to help recover what was lost as a result of the injury, but they can suggest exactly what should be claimed. Many people who attempt to handle their own cases run into problems when it comes to how they make their claims, and for what amounts they are made.

Do you plan on taking the case to court?

If the answer to this question is yes, there is almost no way around hiring a personal injury lawyer. Once a case has gone to court, it will be resolved in a method that is most appropriate based on the legalities of the case and the actions of those handling the plaintiff and defendant. If you choose to handle your own case and you make a grievous error, you may end up losing what should be an open and shut case. Small errors in court proceedings have been known to create mistrials and other issues that prevent the truth from being exposed.

Do you have the time or experience to handle your own claim?

Even if you were to decide to go to trial on your own, you would still have to present your own case just as any other legal professional would. It is technically possible for an intelligent person to learn how to handle a case in just a few hours, but there is a lifetime of experience that goes along with such knowledge that is vital for most court cases. Supposing you succeeded in learning what you need to know to handle the case yourself, you would still have to worry about the time commitment necessary to take care of everything. The court proceedings could last hours or even days. Hiring a professional personal injury attorney is the best way to avoid such an unnecessary commitment.

If you were hurt in a car accident, there is a high probability that hiring a personal injury lawyer is going to be your best option for successful gaining restitution. Those who need a personal injury attorney in the Los Angeles area should contact

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. They can handle any personal injury case involving a car accident.

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