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Diving Board & Waterslide Accident Lawyers

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Swimming with diving boards and waterslides look good. Apparently, it is another element of fun that is in the swimming pool. When they are installed and maintained correctly, diving boards and waterslide makes a swimming pool to be a beautiful place. However, when there are defects in the quality of the material used or inadequate maintenance, there are high chances of an accident occurring. Additionally, poor design can contribute to a crash taking place in the pool.


Following this disasters, the law dictates that the diving boards and the waterslides must pass integrity evaluation test. A structural engineer must perform the tests. This is to ensure that minimal accidents occur in the pool. Therefore, if a pool owner fails to conduct this analysis, he or she will be held responsible for the happenings that occur.


Accidents from Diving board or the waterslide


Both diving board and waterslides do not have the slip resistant materials. Therefore, they pose a very high risk of slipping and falling in causing numerous injuries. The injuries may be severe to point of hospitalization. Thus, the diving boards are supposed to have rails to prevent the pool goers from falling while they are on it. Also, the waterslide must have slip-resistant to avoid the same threat. Some of the injuries that occur as result of defective diving boards and waterslides include bruises on the neck, Fractures, and drowning. If someone gets a damage caused by this waterslide or the diving, board it is good to obtain an experienced lawyer.


The attorney must have experience in litigating cases concerning diving board and waterslides. This is the only way an individual can be sure of getting the compensation. If an evaluation is done to the state and there is enough evidence that steps could have been taken to prevent it, then an individual will get benefit from the owner of the pool. The damages paid could amount to the medical bill, pain and the suffering caused.


Also, a person is requited for the lost wages. The lawyer is supposed to look at the rights of the injured person to ensure that they are not mistreated. It is advisable to discuss the compensation with the insurance company, let the experience lawyer come in and engage him or herself in the discussion. The insurance ensures that they pay as little as possible while the lawyer must always represent the client accurately. The attorney must make sure that the customer gets what he or she deserves.


Premises liability law


When an individual is injured at the public pool or any waterpark, he or she have a valid claim to recover the damages. Apparently, swimming pool accidents fall under the liability law. This means that someone must be held responsible for any accident occurring in the pool. The owner has the responsibility to take care of the pool. Due to this laws, many people are trying as much as possible to look after their pools. When some have such cases, you have the responsibility of understanding of how the laws apply in such situations. The rules were put in place to curb negligence from the pool owners. Apparently premises liability applies to:


  • Owners of property that has private swimming pool or commercial pools. The swimming pools in this are for the benefits of the guest, members or tenants in such premises.
  • Owners of government property, for instance, the municipal swimming pool which is open to the community. They also apply to the school swimming pools.
  • The laws also apply to the possessors or the operators of a particular property. For instance, if someone rents the property, he or she could be responsible for the damages that occur to the pool.

The step to take after the pool accident


  • Preserving the evidence-evidence is paramount if anyone wants to get compensation. If possible, an individual is supposed to write the names, addresses and the phone number of a potential witness.
  • Document the events surrounding the accidents

As soon as the crash occurs, an individual is s supposed to record all the events. He or she should go ahead to obtain the police report and records from the hospital.


  • Contacting a lawyer: After, you have documented everything; an individual should contact the lawyer to help in the case.

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