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Defective Pool Gate Drowning Lawyers

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Incidences of near death or death by drowning are frequent. These occurrences usually lead to grief by the families concerned when they lose a loved one or experience disastrous effects like brain damage due to drowning. At our law firm, our focus is mainly centered on is either on the death of drowning victims or personal injuries occasioned by such incidences. The firm is always available for consultation to advise on such cases given the experience and knowledge of its trained legal professionals. Incase you are in distress it is advisable to contact the firm for more information about cases of drowning. The firm will help you to file a claim or lawsuit concerning the drowning case.

To know whether a drowning death was caused by negligence to seek professional help. In some cases, it might be obvious to know, but in some other cases, the circumstances might remain unclear. If for example, a child drowned in a hotel pool it might be of help to know if the hotel was negligent in this case. The establishment of negligence should be the first thing to be known because each case is unique in its way.


It should also be established if a child accessed the pool through a broken gate or lock or the swimming pool life saver failed to act in time as the victim was drowning. It should also be established if the lifeguard failed to administer CPR. With all these considerations in pay, the firm can be able to look at a specific case to try and determine who was negligent and what exactly took place before the drowning accident.

This then brings in the issue of settlement. If it is a loved one several things will have to be considered when it comes to settlement. This will include the age of the victim, his or her income level, the estimated economic loss that the family will face as a result of the death, emotional anguish, pin, loss of quality of life and suffering. All these factors will help you to understand what to expect when it comes to settlement. It will also answer the question of how long it will take before a settlement is made.

In some instance, the resolution of a particular case may require a lawsuit or trial. However, such cases are rare as most cases are usually resolved through settlement negotiations. The firm usually takes precaution to draft the case legally and professionally to alert the insurance company that the case is being handled by experienced and trained drowning lawyers. This type of professionalism helps in the speedy resolution of the case. Seeking redress after a drowning accident is not always easy. This is because most property and pool owners will always want to lay the blame on the victim trying to demonstrate that it was his/her fault that the incident occurred.

On the other hand, insurance companies may also try to deny those drowning claims and insist that their client was not to blame. This is very traumatizing to the family of the victim. The fact that the gate was open or was defective is enough grounds to claim for compensation. This is because if the gate were not open the accident would never have happened. If there is cause to believe that the owner knew about the defective gate and did not take corrective measures to fix it, legal measures can be taken against him or her to recover damages.

The law firm has been able to help quite some victims and their families to get justice against individuals whose negligence caused damages. Most law firms will conduct an on the scene investigations and interview potential witnesses to gather the necessary evidence needed to prove your case. Among the many drowning cases that are handled by the company include


● Near drowning


● Beach accidents


● Defective pool fence


● Cruise ship injuries


● Boating accidents


All these damages are filed against the person who is legally responsible for the harm or even death of the victim. In most cases, the property owner is held responsible if it can be proven that such damage or injury occurred as a result of his/her negligence.

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