How Does The Court Decide If A Health Care Worker Was Negligent Under los angeles Law?

Healthcare workers in Los Angeles have a difficult and emotionally trying job. Most people in the world have enormous respect for the work that healthcare workers do and they understand that mistakes DO happen. Healthcare professionals work long shift and often stand on their feet for hours and hours at a time. However, there is a point where a “mistake” becomes negligent. And just as it’s important to respect the work that good, conscientious healthcare professionals do on a daily basis, it’s just as important to pursue justice when a healthcare’s mistake costs someone their health or even their life.

Los Angeles healthcare workers are bound by law to respect the standard of care in California. They must behave in a way that is beneficial to the patient and refrain from doing anything that would fall under the umbrella of the “negligence” guidelines. Healthcare workers include EVERYONE working in a healthcare setting such as a doctor’s office, hospital, or diagnostic center. Surgeons must behave responsibly during their treatment of every patient. Nurses must care for their patients in a responsible way. Even secretaries or people who write healthcare notes have the burden of making sure that their work is accurate so that the doctor they work for can provide the best care possible.

When a healthcare workers is accused of negligence, there can be a number of reasons why. Patients usually give a broad allowance for healthcare workers, so frivolous lawsuits are something that doesn’t happen much in the industry. When something goes wrong at a doctor’s office or hospital and legal compensation is sought, something usually went seriously wrong, and it’s up to the doctor or institution to show that they didn’t behave in a way that was negligent.

Negligence in the healthcare industry is a betrayal to the patients who depends on doctors and nurses to get them well, not sicker. When a doctor or nurse makes a mistake, the consequences are often more drastic than in other types of negligence. It’s not just a physical injury but a breach of trust that can cause someone to lose faith in the medical industry for the rest of their lives. It’s essential that patients be able to trust the doctors and nurses who care for them on a daily basis. If they can’t, this can cause horrible emotional problems for the person perhaps for the rest of their lives.

In Los Angeles, you must give a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional 90 days notice before filing your lawsuit. A common type of lawsuit is one where a procedure was performed by a doctor who failed to obtain informed consent. In this case, the malpractice lawsuit is a batter case, and there’s a two year statute of limitations on filing the lawsuit. Remember: Time is crucial. As soon as you become aware of an instance of medical negligence, you need to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you don’t, you can miss out on your chance to claim damages.

And you’re definitely going to need to obtain financial compensation in these cases. When a doctor or nurse makes a mistake, the health consequences can last a lifetime and result in millions of dollars of ongoing medical bills that only end when the victim’s life does. We’re extremely tough on healthcare professionals who behave negligently with their patients. We believe that this should NEVER occur in a medical setting. When it does, it’s our job not to just get you the financial compensation you deserve but also to make sure that a doctor or nurse or other healthcare professional ever behaves in this way again. We’re tough because the public’s health depends on it.

If you’ve been the victim of healthcare negligence, please contact us to discuss your case. We’ll meet with you anywhere that is convenient for you. If we have to, we’ll even come to your hospital room. Our consultation is 100% free always. Once we’ve got the basics of your case and investigated, we can let you know how we can help. Don’t face your plight alone. Call on our experienced attorneys to be your voice in what is a very serious case.