Concussions from Car Accidents

An accident can result in a head injury within no time. When this happens, it can greatly affect your overall life quality and family. If you are a victim of a concussion accident, you might be wondering where to turn to in order to restructure your life and seek the compensation you deserve.  

Consult Los Angeles car accident attorneys with El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers for expert legal assistance to help you seek compensation for concussions suffered after a car accident.

Getting Compensation For Concussions from Car Accidents

In many cases, winning the claim for your concussion injury necessitates that you prove the party involved acted negligently, thus causing your injuries. Once this happens, their negligence might make them responsible for paying your damages. The most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Defect in the car, for instance, a failed tire or any other mechanical problem.
  • Speeding or drunk driving.
  • Ignorance of Road signs, conditions, and other driving instructions.

Offering Liability For Concussion Accidents

In the event that you sustained a concussion during an accident, a skilled personal injury attorney might help you file a claim for recovery. Concussions pose a unique problem because it’s hard to determine the extent and nature of your injuries. You’ll likely experience confusion or a headache.

In such a situation, seeking the help of an experienced legal team is vital. It’s equally important to determine and record your injuries carefully. A concussion may sometimes require medical care in the long run. It might not even be possible to go through full treatment before you reach an agreement on your case, or it proceeds to trial.

For this reason, you should work with a skilled attorney to help build your case with the right accountants and medical professionals to assess your claim’s value.

Getting What You Deserve

In case you suffer from concussion injury, your medical expenses may be only one of the multiple forms of damages that you might be eligible to get. If it’s affecting your work performance, you can also seek compensation to make up for those lost working hours. Sometimes, you may need to hire someone to do your home chores and request compensation for emotional and mental suffering.

You should receive the full value of your medical expenses. You may recover for more than your follow-up care and emergency room expense. You can also seek compensation for your physical therapy and other mobility aids. Another area you can recover your expenses are prescription medications.

Working With The Legal Team

The legal team at El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers helps you identify all the possible compensation areas, thus ensuring you get the full value of your claim. The skilled and experienced team of concussion accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help you gather all of the necessary legal documents to support your claim.

At times, clients reach a favorable settlement before even their claim goes to court. In other cases, you have to present it to the jury.

An expert legal team will help you understand how the law works on your case so that you can make the right choices. Generally, the right attorneys will help you maximize your suit for recovery, at the same time, minimizing the stress of the legal processes.