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Con-Way Trucking Accident Injury Lawyers

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Con-Way Truck Transportation is among the biggest freight transportation companies across North America. It was started as consolidated truck lines in Portland Oregon in 1929, by the end of the 1930s it had already become the best local transport in the region in cargo service provider. Its annual revenue is in billions. It has more than 500 trucks that provide less than the truckload cargo shipping, logistics, and warehousing, supply chain management, and full truckload delivery to more than 500 locations in over 20 countries. It takes many routes in the west to east coast. In 1996, the company was renamed the Consolidated Freightways but later changes its name to Con-Way Transportation in 2004. Its headquarters is now in Ann Arbour, Michigan.


By the end of 2012, the transportation company along with other subsidiary companies had employed 5031 truckers and more than 3500 commercial cars. It also includes tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, commercial cargo vans and 18-wheelers. It travels millions of miles across many routes annually. Over the last months, the Con-way Transportation had collisions that cause 153 injuries and 11 fatalities. For that reason, the authorities removed 280 trucks in the road along with 35 drivers. This figure represents 7% of the total trucks.


It is the responsibility of the transportation company and the drivers to adhere all the roadways rules and maintain the trucks and vehicles very well. The drivers should have enough experience for the long distance drive and also in handling powerful truck and vehicles. The cause of the accident was because of reckless, driving, excessive speed, driving when one is fatigued or tired as well as impaired driving. Also, the cause of the accident was due to equipment malfunction like brakes and gears and adverse weather conditions.


The collisions that are related to Con-way Transportation always have qualified lawyers to provide maximum representation in the court so that the transportation company can get full maximum financial recovery after the settlement of the case. The truck accident lawyers are always committed to being successful at the end of each court case. The Con-Way Transportation hires an attorney immediately when the accident courts to file for the financial compensations. This is because many accidents lead to huge medical bills, lost earnings and serious damage to the vehicles and trucks.


Con-Way truck accident lawyers represent the victims through the entire process of filing a lawsuit and requesting for the compensation. The lawyers provide negotiation and litigation skills. They also hire a team of qualified people to look for solid evidence and speaking with witnesses and also persuading them to testify in court. The lawyer also helps in recreating the scene of an accident and develop solid and efficient strategies for the company to win maximum compensation. The attorney provides free and no obligation of the evaluation of every truck accident claim. They provide legal counsel on the best way to go about the case and ensure that they hold legal responsibility for those who committed a crime.


The lawyers do not charge any fee unless one win the settlement of the case. They also pay all the litigation expenses and court costs. Those who are affected by the Con-Way Transportation accidents can also get compensation for payment of the medical fees and all the cost to recover from physical and emotional torture. The lawyer uses the knowledge of what happened to determine the best way to settle the case of the client. It is important to have the best lawyers who are not afraid of the big insurance companies when injuries occur due to a truck accident.


Many people who have gone to court tend to lose the case due to following the steps that are unwise. It is a good idea to follow the steps that are needed if one has been involved in the accident. The first step is to secure medical attention immediately. It is wise to call the ambulance immediately and later alert the police. The second step is to gather information for example taking pictures. This will be useful because it will act as evidence. After that seek for a lawyer immediately alongside with the documents. It is important not to sign any document unless directed by the lawyer. The attorney will complete all the remaining process.

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