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CNA Injury Claims in Los Angeles

CNA is an auto insurance company with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. This company brings in over $10 billion in annual revenue. While you would suspect that such a lucrative company would easily pay settlements when an auto accident occurs, there are times when CNA refuses to pay out as much as the law requires them to. This is nothing unusual or unique to the company itself. Auto insurance companies are notorious for charging high monthly fees and then bottling up when they’re asked to send money out. It’s a business after all. The goal is to make money, not spend it.

CNA Auto Insurance Settlements

Tragically, many people just can’t muster the courage it takes to pursue legal action against an auto insurance company. They take the first offer they get and end the ordeal. While it’s definitely understandable that someone who has just gone through a tragic auto accident might just want as much money as they can get up front, so many people sign away their right to sue later just to get a subpar settlement as quickly as possible. You could lose your right to file further lawsuits when you settle with CNA. Our advice: DON’T.

CNA has been around for over 100 years but their record on payouts is pitifully suspect. In many cases, they end claims with $0 payouts. This happens 30% of the time and is higher than the average for other insurers. In almost 50% of cases, they pay out less than $100,000. This might seem like a large amount of money to get up front but when you count the value of a totaled car, what could amount to MILLIONS of dollars in medical bills over a lifetime of injury, and the lost wages that will quickly accrue after a serious accident, $100,000 just isn’t enough, and half of the time CNA settles for that.

Our advice to you is that if you’re given an offer by CNA, don’t sign on the dotted line until you’ve had our office review your settlement offer. In light of your injuries, the settlement offer may be painfully insufficient and quickly leave you hurting again in a year or less. We’ve seen this happen time and time again in our industry. We have clients who realize that they’ve made a mistake by settling and by the time they contact us, it’s just too late. We want to make sure that you get the maximum amount of compensation owed to you by law.

Why Work With El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers?

We have no problem going head-to-head with large insurance companies. Why? Because we strongly believe that the work we’re doing is both just and important. No one should have to suffer a lifetime of pain because of a negligent driver and an insurance company that didn’t care enough about a customer to give them the financial compensation they needed to take care of their injuries, lost wages, and suffering. In most cases, a first settlement offer is going to be in the best interests of only one party: the insurance company. Even if you like CNA as an insurer, don’t let that get in the way of your best interests. You can still think highly of the company and look out for yourself by pursuing a higher compensation amount.

CNA customers injured in auto accidents have the right to call on the help of a personal injury attorney before they sign any settlement offer. Remember that the insurer’s goal is to settle and file the case away as quickly as possible. They don’t take into account the massive amount of trauma and medical issues that might arise over a lifetime as a result of a negligent driver. It’s their job to pay out as little as possible while still satisfying the customer’s basic needs.

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