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Child Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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Children are the most fragile people among us. They are smaller than us physically, not as advanced as us mentally, and require us to take great care with them emotionally as well. They need extra attention, extra guidance, and extra protection. So as accident lawyers, we’re appalled when we see a negligent driver who harms a child on a bicycle. We see it far too often and the results are often tragically and heartrendingly permanent. Parents often feel like they owe it to their children to seek justice in these cases. Really, there is no true justice, but holding negligent drivers who kill children bicyclists responsible for their actions is the closest thing parents will ever see to justice in these tragic cases.

The first thing lawyers look at is the increased “duty of care” that adult drivers have in contrast to children on bicycles. As much as parents try to teach their children to be careful on bicycles, the fact is that no child can be expected to behave as carefully as an adult might. Children make more mistakes than adults do and the law recognizes that with the duty of care law. This means that drivers who are aware of children riding bicycles in an area are required to be more diligent in their driving. They need to prepare for any mistakes the child might make, such as crossing a road on a bicycle without looking. Yes, an adult might know what a bad idea this is. For for an innocent child with a developing mind, they might sometimes become so enthralled with their fun that they forget about passing cars. It’s up to the driver to be aware of this possibility and take all precautions to come to a full stop if at all possible.

When drivers become distracted or fail to take this extra care in their driving, children can become horribly injured or even killed in the process. Some examples of negligent driving might be an adult who is using a cellphone in an area and fails to see a child crossing a road on a bicycle. When they hit that child and their bicycle with a car, things become serious very quickly. The child may be horribly injured, suffering broken bones, head trauma, spinal injury, or worse, the child may die instantly or later in a hospital. 

Lawyers are especially aggressive when it comes to pursuing lawsuits against negligent drivers who harm children. There’s no room on the road for a driver that doesn’t protect children in every manner possible. Whether it’s a drunk driver that runs over a child playing on a bicycle or a distracted or careless driver who fails to be on watch for children crossing the road in bicycles, we’re here to see to it that they are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. That means getting maximum compensation for the loss of a child (although nothing ever truly compensates for that), pursuing criminal charges if there was criminal negligence, or making sure that your child’s every expense is cared for plus some due to the pain and suffering that the entire family will endure as a result of the accident. There are children out there right now who will never walk as adults because there was an adult who failed to be a responsible driver. Our part in this whole scenario is to get justice for that injured or lost child.

When you call us, we’ll take down the facts of your case, talk to witnesses, talk to the driver responsible if possible, and get to the bottom of what happened when your child was injured or killed during a bicycle accident. We’ll ask all questions compassionately, as we realize that this is a trying time for the entire family and those who love that child. Our promise to all of our clients is that we will win. We don’t go into cases with the possibility of losing on our mind. If we take on your case, we’re confident that we’ll get you the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law and we’ll do so in the most caring, compassionate, and responsible manner possible always.

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